Happy Halloween! #FlashbackFriday


TGIF! It’s officially Halloween! Hope everyone has a sweet treat today or more! Also, since it’s Friday I wanted to add another photo to pay homage to flashback Friday, Halloween edition! My sister took this photo of me two years ago as a penguin! It’s an easy and quick costume. All you need to wear is a penguin hat and wear all black and white. If anyone needs a last minute look like the celebrity one, you can totally be a penguin too!

– km xoxo



#TBT Halloween


Halloween is the best because is a weekend of fashion and costumes! Since Halloween is officially tomorrow and today is Thursday I would like to add #tbt 2 photos.

One is when I was in preschool, I dressed up as Disney’s Mulan and I loved that costume. I remembered I would always wear it around the house and I had a Disney fake Mulan sword too. Shout out to my lovely mum, who had done my makeup and hair! The Mulan costume was one of my favourite costumes to date and the next one to it is one of my funniest. Funny thing is I actually was not this character for Halloween yet when I was in the car on my way with my family friends to the mall. Two of them said that I looked like one of the celebrities coming from the airport and instead of holding a dog I was holding my pillow pet, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. So, I took a self portrait and thought it would be a great #tbt photo idea for Halloween as well. If anyone needs a last minute idea for a Halloween costume, you can totally be a celebrity who just got off a plane and while holding their pet animal. Enjoy! Have a safe Halloween weekend!

P.S. Thank you, Amanda and Bri for the idea of being a celeb!

– km xoxo


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On Elle UK’s twitter account, the magazine launched a photo of actor, Benedict Cumberbatch and the newest feminism campaign called, “Elle Feminism.” The Elle UK campaign became about when the magazine also launched their newest December issue called the, “The Feminism Issue.” The cover star on the issue is actress and United Nations Ambassador, Emma Watson. Elle UK teamed up with women’s rights organization, Fawcett Society. They have been selling the t-shirts and sweaters for awareness of feminism around the world. All procedes will go to the Fawcett Society and will be sold on http://www.whistles.com.

You can check more information about Emma Watson’s #HeforShe campaign on my first blog post. Also, here is the video to her speech at the United Nation’s summit.

– km xoxo

House of DVF

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Mark your calendars this Sunday because the new fashionable show is on E! Entertainment at 10 PM. The show is actually a document series on Diane von Furstenberg’s new documentary show about her search for her Global Brand Ambassador. On YouTube, the E! Entertainment’s channel already posted the first episode of the show and it is amazing!

In the first episode you get to meet the eight women who are trying to become the Global Brand Ambassador for DVF. Also, you get a glimps of how Diane became a household name and how she runs her famous fashion house.¬†Earlier this year, DVF celebrated the anniversary of the iconic wrap dress next door to LACMA in Los Angeles. I was fortunate of attending the exhibition and to see how the iconic dress revolutionized how women dressed. Also, to see her favourite art pieces from artists of Diane like her portraits made by Andy Warhol. At the exhibition, you can really understand, “The Journey of the Dress,” and how it helped empower women.

Now, she is trying to find someone who can help continue the legacy of DVF. Who will she pick? Well, we just have to watch and find out for ourselves every Sunday at 10 PM on E! Entertainment!



– km xoxo






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Normally on Tuesdays, I would write something about, “New Music Tuesdays,” yet this is the exception. The long waited arrival of Taylor Swift’s new album, “1989” is finally here! In her album, you can hear the new trends of music and that would totally be in the music of runway shows next season. The songs are catchy, very runway, and 80s/90s pop. The 90s trends are coming back and Taylor is totally trending right now. Some of my favourite songs are: “Welcome To New York,” “Style,” and “Bad Blood.” I would love to hear what your favourite song, so please comment! So to brighten your Monday and to strut your stuff listen to, “1989.” Enjoy!



Trees are changing colours and the weather is slowly winding down. I was walking outside and this massive tree caught my attention. The details of the tree were very captivating and the leaves represent the transition of the change of the season. No matter what, nature is always art, sometimes we do need to stop and look around what mother nature has offered us.

Hope this inspires you today, like it had done for me, and enjoy!

– km xoxo

The Kelly Cutrone Project

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Okay, let me say something right now, I adore Kelly Cutrone. Kelly is the Queen of PR and she is one of my top fashion PR idols. When I was watching America’s Next Top Model last night, the CW mentioned that on YouTube Kelly has a weekly blog called, “The Kelly Cutrone Project.” I just finished watching all of the episodes and they are brilliant. I love how she interviews her famous friends and asks them for advice for young people who want to break into the fashion or entertainment industry. The videos are very insightful and I highly recommend watching them to understand the point of views of the various friends she interviews.

The episode, called, “This Is The Internet” helps understand the values of social media and blogging. Kelly interviews famous bloggers, Perez Hilton, P’Trique, and Bryan Boy. During each interview, Kelly asks them their top tips on creating a successful blog and all three of them had similar tips. The similar tips were:

1) Write what you are passionate about

2) Stay true to yourself

3) Be involved in the blogging community

They are totally right because if you are not passionate about what you write; why write at all and staying true to yourself is always important since people want to get to know the real you, not someone else. Lastly, being involve in the blogging community is important no matter what, you always need that support too and vise versa.

Hopefully these tips help you as well and go to YouTube.com to watch more of The Kelly Cutrone Project! Enjoy!

-km xoxo

Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is almost here and soon people are going to be dressed up! Today, I came across one of my old sketches and thought about dressing up as one of these characters. The sketch to the left is very princess, almost like Grace Kelly and to the right is modern Renaissance. Still, if you are like me trying to figure out your costume last minute, it’s okay because here are some links to inspire you for Halloween!

An article from Vogue.com discusses about the 20 Halloween costumes inspired by TV shows and movies: http://www.vogue.com/3246203/best-halloween-costumes-inspired-by-movies/. Out of the 20 characters, my all time favourite costume would be, “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hepburn’s iconic LBD. So if you have a LBD, I highly recommend, being Audrey for the night, classy, and oh so chic! Plus, if you want to see the best celebrity costumes, you must go to Elle.com: http://www.elle.com/pop-culture/celebrities/best-celebrity-halloween-costumes#slide-1! Model, Heidi Klum always shines for Halloween and last year’s was hilarious since she was an old lady.

Also, you can even look up costume ideas on Pinterest.com or Tumblr.com. These two websites have DIY how to costumes as well! Enjoy!

– km xoxo

The Starry Night #TBT


Thursday is here and bringing back a summer photo of a Vincent van Gogh painting. I came across the iconic painting, “The Starry Night,” when I was walking around Venice Beach yet it was painted as a mural on one of the walls. I thought it was unique that Venice Beach has a ton of street art and some of them are murals. The street art brought Venice Beach to life and gave a visitors to the beach an eyeful to look at.

If your in town, definitely check out Venice Beach for some street art and it is a great place to workout there too! Fun fact, Venice Beach is also called, “Muscle Beach.”

Have a great Thursday!

– km xoxo