Teen Vogue Fashion Universtiy


Guess what?? It is almost that time of year again and Teen Vogue Fashion University released an ad today regarding their new campaign for a lucky winner to receive VIP treatment at the fashion seminar! Details are still under-raps about when Teen Vogue Fashion University will happen and when the applications are due.

I will keep everyone posted once the announcement is official and to keep up to date with Teen Vogue Fashion University. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook at @tvfu.

Also, I highly recommend for young people to apply because I went last year to the seminar and it was a fantastic learning experience. I have learned that there is more to fashion than the glamorous side to it. Fashion is a creative business and there is a tremendous amount of detail that goes into the industry. People who work in the industry must have thick skin and should be prepared for anything that happens. One of the most important guest speakers that I went to was Joseph Altuzarra’s because after his presentation/interview, students were allowed to have a Q & A session with him. I asked him, “What is the best way to start in the industry as a freshman in a university?” His response was to look at the small businesses because you are able to learn at a personal level. Ever since then, his advise stood with me and he was right. Indeed, working for a small business is a great stepping stone into the fashion industry because you are able to learn about every part of the company and how they create their brand. You are also able to grow with the company as well and work your way up.

Teen Vogue University opens many doors for students and if anyone has the chance to go. GO. Never miss an opportunity and keep your head up. Stay confident! Do not worry if you did not get in, I applied twice and my second time applying I was accepted. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me or comment back.

– km xoxo

P.S. Here is a collage of my TVFU experience!


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