Skeleton Art


Whenever I walk in SoHo, I would always find a new creative type of street art. Sometimes it is unusual and other times it is amazing. However, I treat every street art like a hidden treasure.

In this photo, I saw this two weeks ago and it is still on the same wall near a renovated wall. It is quite unique because it is a drawing pasted on the wall of a eerie like figure. Perfect for Halloween right?? The drawing is a half man and half skeleton; yet, from the neck down you can see the intestines of the person. It is an interesting figure of a drawing representing life and death.

Every time I pass by the art, it reminds me how Halloween is coming and how interesting the artist is making their mark in the world for someone else to find.

Art is everywhere. Do not forget to keep your eyes open and you will never know what you would see.

– km xoxo


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