Last week, I was in the subway minding my own business and then a gentleman walked in. What caught my eye about him was how impeccable his outfit was. On the bottom, there is a photo of him that I took on the subway and he is the perfect example for fall trends. I also included a self portrait of my self to show how similar people have in fashion trends and tastes. I took the photo of myself the week before and thought how interesting fashion in universal.

As for fall trends, light layering is the best way to go before the cold winter comes soon. These two outfits can be easily worn for casual Fridays at work or even a day in the city. Scarves and light sweaters will always be your best friends because even though it is sunny outside and there is a light breeze you can easily put them back in your bag. Otherwise, just keep them on all day depending on the weather. Do not forget the sunnies as well, they make an outfit more chic in my opinion and add a personal touch to the person’s outfit.

– km xoxo


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