Supermodel #TBT


It’s officially Thursday!!! That means the weekend is almost here, near and dear. I would like to pay an homage to the band, Foster the People and their mural in Downtown, Los Angeles. My younger sister and I had to opportunity to go to the band’s second album’s cover art that was made into a mural for the residents of Los Angeles. The city was about to paint over it due to not having the required paper work and funds to keep the mural up and running. The lead singer, Mark Foster posted a tweet on Twitter stating to help save the mural and it worked. The mural was allowed to stay for a short period of time; however, Mark announced how there will be a new mural painted in a different location to brighten Los Angeles.

When my sister and I went to see the mural, Foster the People provided posters of the mural and both of us received one for being the first 500. It was very exciting to see the mural and there is so much detail that comes with the mural. On the arms of the photographers in the mural, there are chemicals written on the arms representing the periodic table. Also, each time more and more you look at the mural; you find another painting in the mural.

In Los Angeles, there is a scarce amount of street art and thanks to Foster the People. They are shedding light for fellow Angelenos and bring the art culture to the City of Angels. So, thank you so much Foster the People because without the love of art, how can Los Angeles express themselves.

– km xoxo


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