Wang x H&M (Part II)

Fashion, News

Can we all just take a deep breathe for one second right now?? How fabulous was the collection of Alexander Wang???

Sadly, I missed the live stream of the collection but a while ago I just finished watching the video on the website. The runway show was such a spectacle and the show was brilliantly well thought out.I cannot wait for the film for the collection to come out soon and the collection itself on November 6th. The beginning of the show began with a trapeze show of men wearing the men’s collection and this was to show the use of how much athleticism influenced the collection. Once, they finished their performance, the models soon came out. I thought it was clever that the runway was based off of a track field and the trapezes were set as podiums for the winners of the meet. The music also fit well into the theme because it allows the audience to focus like how an athlete prepares for a game or how focused their mindset is during a game.

The men’s and women’s collection were each shown one behind the other. This gave the audience a variation of how cohesive both men’s and women’s pieces were one whole collection. Also, I loved how the major supermodels were on the catwalk. For instance, Karlie Kloss, Tyson Beckford, Joan Smalls were among the top supermodels we all know today. Once the last model appeared, a moment later all of the models came down the catwalk for the closing. After they all walked, Alexander Wang ran down the runway and the show was over.

I am definitely ready to buy some pieces from the collection. I adored the use of athletic wear because I love wearing those types of pieces on a regular basis. Let the countdown begin for Thursday, November 6th!

– km xoxo

P.S. Here is the video of the launch event:


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