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It is officially Saturday night and if anyone likes to stay at home once in a while and watch documentaries. You guys are awesome. Once of my other favourite things to watch as well is The New York Times’ Bill Cunningham YouTube Playlist. This man does not need any introduction at all, except how exceptional he is as an photographer, Bill Cunningham. Each week the New York Times posts videos of Bill Cunningham and what he takes photos of around the world. He is a brilliant photographer finding the beauty and craftsmanship in everyone’s clothes.

I have learned from him that fashion has history and it is universal to all. I will never forget that and thank goodness I saw his documentary on Netflix because he is one of my fashion role models today. A recent favourite video blog he made yesterday was about Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. I adore Valentino since he’s an all time one of my top favourite designers and when Bill covered his show I was very excited to see what he thought about the collection. In fact, he loved it because of the simplicity of the designs and how simple they were. He compared the collection to the famous painting of Botticelli’s “Allegory of Spring.” Bill was right and it does empathize the painting and focuses on the lighter side to the fashion industry; but not the anti-beauty side of it.

Hope your Saturday night goes well and keep up with Bill Cunningham on The New York Times’ YouTube page! Enjoy the video!


– km xoxo


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