Getty Villa


I am missing the summer breezes back home in Los Angeles and the weather in New York is starting to drop. However, I cannot wait to starting wearing more fall clothing and saying goodbye to summer wear.

This fountain brings me back to the summer when my brother and I went to the Getty Villa because we have not been there before. We try to go to a different museum or exhibition each time we have break from uni. Once we toured around the Villa, we learned more and more about the Greek and Roman culture. The Villa was exquisite because of the amount of detail was put in to become a replica of an old Pompeian villa. There was a garden filled with herbs and olive trees planet all over the villa. Literally, I felt like I was back in time and what caught my eye specifically was this fountain. It was not working due to the drought in California; yet, the colour and restoration was fantastic. The vibrant colours of blue, green, gold, and maroon married well together. Each part of the fountain had a story and you can never get bored staring at the art.

There was also a documentary about the Getty Villa and we learned how it was actually the first museum from the Getty collection of art. The Getty Museum is actually the new model for the extended art collection that J. Paul Getty collected over the years to share with the public. Now, people are free to go to the exhibitions there and experience the art. As for the Getty Villa, people have to order the free tickets online, here is there website to look at the new art exhibitions:

Have a good rest of the day! Monday is almost over!

– km xoxo


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