Sassy Keys


So lately, I have been recommending key tags to my friends and family. Funny right? Well actually they are, last month I came across an article on and the topic was key tags that a customer can custom make. The company, Various Key Tags also have other options for customers to choose what they want in a key tag. There are various different types of colours you can choose, there is even a glow in the dark one and several phrases to choose from. Many customers can choose from, “NYC” to “Last Minute Gift.” When I went on their website, I thought they were clever and they fit many types of personalities. In a way, these key tags are small pieces of art because of self expression, style and are carefully crafted.

Once I ordered mine and received it in the mail. It was carefully packaged and the key tag looked delightful. The key tag I chose was in tangerine, white font saying, “Not My Fault” because orange is one of my favourite colours and that quote made me laugh the most. I highly recommend buying key tags from Various Key Tags and these are on my list on what gifts to buy for family and friends for the holidays!

Also, here is the article about the company and their website: & .

You’ll never go out of style with a little sass!

– km xoxo


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