The Kelly Cutrone Project

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Okay, let me say something right now, I adore Kelly Cutrone. Kelly is the Queen of PR and she is one of my top fashion PR idols. When I was watching America’s Next Top Model last night, the CW mentioned that on YouTube Kelly has a weekly blog called, “The Kelly Cutrone Project.” I just finished watching all of the episodes and they are brilliant. I love how she interviews her famous friends and asks them for advice for young people who want to break into the fashion or entertainment industry. The videos are very insightful and I highly recommend watching them to understand the point of views of the various friends she interviews.

The episode, called, “This Is The Internet” helps understand the values of social media and blogging. Kelly interviews famous bloggers, Perez Hilton, P’Trique, and Bryan Boy. During each interview, Kelly asks them their top tips on creating a successful blog and all three of them had similar tips. The similar tips were:

1) Write what you are passionate about

2) Stay true to yourself

3) Be involved in the blogging community

They are totally right because if you are not passionate about what you write; why write at all and staying true to yourself is always important since people want to get to know the real you, not someone else. Lastly, being involve in the blogging community is important no matter what, you always need that support too and vise versa.

Hopefully these tips help you as well and go to to watch more of The Kelly Cutrone Project! Enjoy!

-km xoxo


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