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Mark your calendars this Sunday because the new fashionable show is on E! Entertainment at 10 PM. The show is actually a document series on Diane von Furstenberg’s new documentary show about her search for her Global Brand Ambassador. On YouTube, the E! Entertainment’s channel already posted the first episode of the show and it is amazing!

In the first episode you get to meet the eight women who are trying to become the Global Brand Ambassador for DVF. Also, you get a glimps of how Diane became a household name and how she runs her famous fashion house. Earlier this year, DVF celebrated the anniversary of the iconic wrap dress next door to LACMA in Los Angeles. I was fortunate of attending the exhibition and to see how the iconic dress revolutionized how women dressed. Also, to see her favourite art pieces from artists of Diane like her portraits made by Andy Warhol. At the exhibition, you can really understand, “The Journey of the Dress,” and how it helped empower women.

Now, she is trying to find someone who can help continue the legacy of DVF. Who will she pick? Well, we just have to watch and find out for ourselves every Sunday at 10 PM on E! Entertainment!



– km xoxo






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