#TBT Halloween


Halloween is the best because is a weekend of fashion and costumes! Since Halloween is officially tomorrow and today is Thursday I would like to add #tbt 2 photos.

One is when I was in preschool, I dressed up as Disney’s Mulan and I loved that costume. I remembered I would always wear it around the house and I had a Disney fake Mulan sword too. Shout out to my lovely mum, who had done my makeup and hair! The Mulan costume was one of my favourite costumes to date and the next one to it is one of my funniest. Funny thing is I actually was not this character for Halloween yet when I was in the car on my way with my family friends to the mall. Two of them said that I looked like one of the celebrities coming from the airport and instead of holding a dog I was holding my pillow pet, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. So, I took a self portrait and thought it would be a great #tbt photo idea for Halloween as well. If anyone needs a last minute idea for a Halloween costume, you can totally be a celebrity who just got off a plane and while holding their pet animal. Enjoy! Have a safe Halloween weekend!

P.S. Thank you, Amanda and Bri for the idea of being a celeb!

– km xoxo


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