#NYC Halloween Night


Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Yesterday was very eventful in NYC and people were attending the Halloween Parade in the Lower East Side. The night was eerie and filled with joy. After my work, I was walking back to Grand Central and there were tons of characters around the city. Everywhere you went people were dressed up for the parade and very excited. It was amazing to see all of the costumes and I took several photos for you to all see. Enjoy!

Also, I went shopping to H&M and saw an employee dressed up as Carrie Bradshaw. I would say that was my favourite costume and yes so chic! The outfit and makeup were on point! There were two other people that were my favourite, they were two friends dressed up as the main character from “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” Love, love, and love! You can tell that everyone put their time and effort to their costumes.

It was great seeing people’s reactions when I asked them to take their photo and you can totally tell it makes their day. That’s the best part.



– km xoxo


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