DVF: Episode II

Fashion, News

So that episode was filled with drama and there is no end to the drama at all in the House of DVF. Kier is the one who starts all the drama as usual and I agree with Jinna that everything is not about her. She does need to go and she is never a team player. Speaking about Jinna and the other women…they need to get the act together…FAST. The unnecessary drama is pathetic and these women need to grow up. I cannot believe that they do not realize that their future bosses or companies watch House of DVF. Then one day, they will come to an interview and will not get the job because they will be remembered as an emotional, unprofessional wreak on television. Oh well, that is their problem now.

However, there are only two of the women who clearly show class and are trying to excel. They are Amanda Schauer and Brittany Hamptom. They know what they are doing, know what they want and are willing to learn the most. Hopefully these two contenders will make it to the end and we just have to see to find out. Cross fingers!

– km xoxo


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