Holiday Window Displays

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I know, I know, Thanksgiving has not even begun yet… However, the Holidays are coming soon and into full swing. I went to a Lord and Taylor Event last night to a meet and greet of Nick Jonas. He was there to unveil the holiday window displays of the store and he performed some of his music too. After his meet and greet; my best friend, Rachel and I saw the window displays. They were fabulous and you can see each amount of detail the store’s window display designers put in. The one that caught my eye was the ballerina puppet dolls. They spun so elegantly and each of the ballerinas had their own personality. The other windows were filled with holiday and winter cheer.

I will never forget another holiday window display that I adored and it was from H&M. In Times Square, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet were this year’s muses for the holiday collection. I thought it was delightful to see a photo of them together and see the clothing that fit their personalities. Yet, there was one window display that was isolated. It had a mannequin alone in the snow and believe it or not….IT WAS OF LADY GAGA! I loved it! She was dragging a sack of gifts and dressed in all white to match the snow. Simply amazing!

It is also incredible that even though NYC is always filled with busy people, people stop and take the time to see how breathtaking the window holiday displays are. How exciting are the holidays?!


– km xoxo


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