House of DVF: Episode III


Finally, I watched the latest episode on House of DVF and I was pleased with last week’s episode. Tiffani had the right to go home and I was very happy that Diane gave her a retail job at one of the DVF stores. I agree with Diane, it is always the best to start from the bottom and work your way up. Starting from the bottom allows anyone to grow as an individual and learn about each sector of any industry; especially, the fashion industry.

Kier showed she was the bitch of the group yet one of the few that are trainable. She was the only one accepted to the CFDA Awards with Diane. I am glad Diane and her team put her in her place because she is a sad person, complaining all the time and thinks she knows everything. She clearly showed how insecure she is as a person in this episode and hopefully she can grow up.

However, I was very annoyed that the women were also complaining about not being able to attend the CFDA Awards show and they were stuck cleaning the studio. Sometimes you just have to take it in and pay your do’s.

Now speaking of the press event. Seriously, who does not do their research at any job and let alone not knowing what the inspiration behind a collection. Even let alone professionalism is thrown out the window for some of the women. They kept on talking about themselves and were not selling the brand at all. I think these women are too emotional and focus on pride. My friend, Alexa is right when we were watching the show, she said that these women are too emotional that overshadow their work rather than focusing on the work itself to help DVF.

Next week, looks more interesting when the women go out to party….

– km xoxo


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