#NewMusicTuesday: Coldplay


Here is to Tuesday and the new year will soon be here!

Last week, the international, brilliant band, Coldplay released an official lyric video on YouTube of their latest single, “Miracles.” The song is from the latest biography drama, “Unbroken.” I adore this film and I saw it last Friday with my dad. It is definitely Oscar worthy and Angelina Jolie directed the film with true honesty. I highly recommend the movie and keep an eye out for Award Season!

Enjoy the film and song!

– km xoxo


#HouseofDVF: Finale

Fashion, News

Congrats to Brittney on her win as the first DVF Brand Global Ambassador! She well deserved it because she was the only one who proved herself during the fashion show. Super happy! She and Amanda were my top two from the beginning! Through the ups and downs they made it to the final three!

When the ladies were in charge of the pre-show of the spring/summer 2015 New York Fashion Week show. Kier started a little bit of the drama by touching a model and caused a commotion. However, she redeemed herself when she filled in for Naomi Campbell at the rehearsal and Diane was impressed. Not that impressed though since she was the first one eliminated. Bye and karma.

As for Amanda, she did not even do a great job either because she disorganized the final line up of the models and Brittney took initiative to reorganize the line up. To be honest, that is all I have to say about Amanda besides good job during the rest of the season.

Out of everyone Brittney was the one who worked her butt off and it showed. Diane was impressed and I am proud of her for coming this far. Even though she had her moments, she fought through. You go girl! I can’t wait to see you grow even more as the first DVF Brand Global Ambassador! Cheers!

– km xoxo

#FlashbackFriday Up In the Clouds


TGIF EVERYONE! Now it is time to relax and enjoy the weekend!

I can’t believe how surreal traveling can be so if you are traveling over the holidays, don’t forget to look out your window because you’ll never know what you’ll see. This a photo from my travels to LA and I couldn’t believe how amazing the clouds looked. Enjoy!

– km xoxo

#TBT #JFK Terminal 4


Back in LA! Yes, I am super happy to be back home for the holidays and already I miss NY too. My travels were great and when I was in JFK I noticed this unique art piece by the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gift Store. The art piece is called, “The History of Time” by Dimitar Lukanov and it is hand-sculpted. Brilliant, right??? The sculpture is fascinating and captivates you as you walk Terminal 4 at the airport. For more information about Dimitar and the rest of his works; go to: http://www.dimitarlukanov.com/. Hope everyone’s day went well!

– km xoxo

#NewMusicTuesday: Lady Gaga & Tony Bennet


Here is a little Holiday cheer for you and hope all is well! Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett has a cover of the Holiday classic called, “Winter Wonderland.” Tis the season and do not forget to check out the H&M Holiday Collection that they are featured in. Enjoy!

– km xoxo

#HouseofDVF: Episode VII


And there were three….yes, Lenore was sent home. However, on a brighter note, she got an interview with the head of sales for DVF. So, all is well and the claws are out among the last three contenders. Brittney, Kier and Amanda are left.

This episode was based on selling their garments they made for DVF to Nordstrom. Brittney and Amanda won! Yay! Their dresses are sold in Nordstrom and in two different colours. Very exciting for both of them. Amanda proved that she was competition worthy by selling one of the pieces to a supermodel fitting. Super proud! Sadly, disappointed in Brittney and Kier making fun of the underdog since she can surprise DVF with her strong work ethic. Also, it was annoying to see how emotional the women were and they simply cannot keep it together.

Especially, when the women had an interview and photo shoot with In Style magazine. The women had to style themselves with DVF and Lenore failed miserably. She cannot style and she has no fashion sense at all. Plus, she and Amanda did not do well in the group interviews too. They did not do their research and Lenore kept rambling. This was when Diane knew that Lenore was not the brand ambassador and sent her home.

To be honest, Diane is right, anyone can win and we just have to see next week’s finale to see who wins. Next week is the spring/summer 2015 collection at New York Fashion Week and the women are in charge of the show. Cross fingers!

– km xoxo

Holidays In the City

Art, Fashion

On Friday, I went to go to the city and went on a stroll around Bryant Park. Bryant Park around the Holidays is fascinating and a nice way to get into the Holiday spirit. This time I did not go to the Rockefeller Holiday Tree because you can just feel the Holidays right in Bryant Park. On top of that, there are many holiday booths around the park and is the best way to go Holiday shopping. One of my favourite booths was Pamela Barsky. Her bags are the best because they are sassy and personable. I had bought my sister and cousins bags. My sister’s says, “Preach the Gospel of Bacon” and my cousins’ say, “Art Matters” and “Fashion Is My Boyfriend.” Cute right? At Bryant Park Holiday Market, her booth will be there until January 5th and make sure you buy your own fabulous bag!

Plus, here are some holiday photos from Bryant Park! Enjoy!

– km xoxo

#TBT Elizabeth St. Garden


One of my favorite places to go in the Lower East Side is the Elizabeth St. Garden. The garden is beautiful and it is a nice get a way to appreciate nature and art. There are sculptures around the garden and at times there would be art pieces shown to the public. If you are around the Lower East Side, definitely check out this lovely garden in the city. The garden hours this month are 11 AM – 3 PM, Wednesday – Sunday depending on the weather.  Enjoy!

– km xoxo

P.S. To learn more about the garden, go to: http://elizabethstreetgarden.org/.