#HouseofDVF: Episode V


Two women are gone! Thank goodness because these two are not even well qualified to be the brand ambassador for DVF. Yes, Jinna and Abigail are gone! Oh well, I agree with Diane’s decisions, you do not drink on the job and make a fool out of yourself. This is the perfect example of Tira Bank’s famous quote on America’s Next Top Model, “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” Goodbye now. That is why you need to present yourself in the best no matter what.

I guess that did not go so well for Abigail too since she did not do well on a sales event well again…BIG SHOCKER. That’s why she was sent home and now the rest of the ladies have to set up a shoot for a DVF social media campaign. They have to find an everyday woman to shoot that embraces the DVF persona. They agreed on a woman that Kier found but then found out that she was not that exciting. So, Brittany took the initiative to find another lady and she is her best friend. All the women loved the idea but Kier did not see to enjoy it since it was not her idea. Then the rest of the time Brittany and Kier fought…

When they shot their photos for the social media campaign, everyone was rude to one another and the same fighting happened. However, the only person that surprised me was Lenore and her photo became the favorite of Diane’s. She is really impressive with sales, her photo was unique showing a woman working out after work and it all made sense. I do not understand why Kier said that she did not understand her vision of her ad.

It was also a shame that the women did fight in front of Diane because it is unprofessional and shameful. Luckily, we find out no one goes home in the preview but they ruined the DVF dresses at a party they threw in the Hamptons.  We just have to wait for next week to see the fury of Diane and her team. Good luck ladies.

– km xoxo


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