#HouseofDVF: Episode VI Review


Off to the Hamptons!

Sadly, it does not go well because the ladies ruined everything, thanks to Amanda. Amanda practically made everyone late and lost to a VIP fitting in the Hamptons. Also, it was her idea to throw a party and was not blamed for it. Yes, it is all of the ladies’ fault; yet, the DVF team should go to the core of the problem and not forget what Amanda had done too. At this point, Lenore is the only best bet and she just has to fix her accent.

Speaking of the VIP fitting, Brittney was not on her best behavior and gave a ton of attitude to DVF’s style editor, Jessica Joffe after the event. I learned from interning a bad attitude gets you no where and being in your best behavior will always be recognized. Literally, that was very disappointing and hopefully next week’s episode she can redeem herself. Who knows she might be sent home too. At least she apologized and there is just nothing more to say.

Believe it or not, after the women threw the pool party and one of the VIP’s jumped into the pool with a thousand dollar sample on. Diane and the team were furious. Literally, still cannot believe Amanda was not blamed but Kier’s actions were ridiculous. She literally gave bad attitude to Diane, rolling her eyes and acted like a 4 year old child. Lenore was right, why did not she learn from Brittney’s mistakes??? Unbelievable.

In the next episode, everyone is just having a terrible week and Diane might cancel finding a brand ambassador. We shall see what happens…

– km xoxo


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