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How amazing was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the Pre-show??? The elaborate settings and productions were incredible. There are no words to explain how flawless the show was.

The Pre-show online was fascinating and to see more of the behind-the-scene footage of the process creating the iconic fashion show. Also, the performance from Magic Man was spot on as usual and it was a great way to wait for the anticipation of the runway show.

Once the runway show was on CBS, it blew me and my best friend away. We could not believe how amazing the show was. The themes were true to Victoria’s Secret and the performances fit perfectly. The musical guests performed at different themes. The themes were: Gilded Angels, University of Pink, Exotic Traveler, Fairy Tale, Dream Girl, and the finale, Angel Ball. Taylor Swift performed during, Dream Girl and Angel Ball. She sang her latest hit, “Black Space” and a new single, “Style.” Ed Sheeran performed during Exotic Traveler and sang, “Thinking Out Loud.” Hozier performed during Fairy Tale and sang, “Take Me to Church.” Finally, Ariana Grande performed during University of Pink and sang a medley of her famous hits. I loved all of the performances and who does not love them at all??

You can tell the amount of thought and effort that went into each of the costumes. When each model came out to strut the runway, literally, there were no words. My favourite themes were all of them and did you see the Eddie Borgo jewelry??? Amazing. On Eddie Borgo’s Twitter feed, there is a link to behind the scenes of creating Angel Ball. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out and to know more behind the scene footage: https://www.victoriassecret.com/fashion-show/.

Also, I thought it was clever to include interviews of the models because you got to know them more and how they became an Angel today. They all have lovely personalities and you can tell they worked really hard. I want to get the, “Angels” book by Russell James, who is an iconic Victoria’s Secret fashion photographer. He helped create those iconic ads and photos that we know today that represents Victoria’s Secret. Hello….it’s almost the Holidays everyone, it is time to start shopping and wrapping up those presents!

Hope everyone enjoyed the show and until next year Angels!

– km xoxo


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