Holidays In the City

Art, Fashion

On Friday, I went to go to the city and went on a stroll around Bryant Park. Bryant Park around the Holidays is fascinating and a nice way to get into the Holiday spirit. This time I did not go to the Rockefeller Holiday Tree because you can just feel the Holidays right in Bryant Park. On top of that, there are many holiday booths around the park and is the best way to go Holiday shopping. One of my favourite booths was Pamela Barsky. Her bags are the best because they are sassy and personable. I had bought my sister and cousins bags. My sister’s says, “Preach the Gospel of Bacon” and my cousins’ say, “Art Matters” and “Fashion Is My Boyfriend.” Cute right? At Bryant Park Holiday Market, her booth will be there until January 5th and make sure you buy your own fabulous bag!

Plus, here are some holiday photos from Bryant Park! Enjoy!

– km xoxo


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