#HouseofDVF: Finale

Fashion, News

Congrats to Brittney on her win as the first DVF Brand Global Ambassador! She well deserved it because she was the only one who proved herself during the fashion show. Super happy! She and Amanda were my top two from the beginning! Through the ups and downs they made it to the final three!

When the ladies were in charge of the pre-show of the spring/summer 2015 New York Fashion Week show. Kier started a little bit of the drama by touching a model and caused a commotion. However, she redeemed herself when she filled in for Naomi Campbell at the rehearsal and Diane was impressed. Not that impressed though since she was the first one eliminated. Bye and karma.

As for Amanda, she did not even do a great job either because she disorganized the final line up of the models and Brittney took initiative to reorganize the line up. To be honest, that is all I have to say about Amanda besides good job during the rest of the season.

Out of everyone Brittney was the one who worked her butt off and it showed. Diane was impressed and I am proud of her for coming this far. Even though she had her moments, she fought through. You go girl! I can’t wait to see you grow even more as the first DVF Brand Global Ambassador! Cheers!

– km xoxo


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