#NewMusicTuesday: Bastille VS HAIM


Once again, it is Tuesday today and shout out to one of my best friends, Amanda, who’s birthday is today!

Here is a little pick me up for a long day ahead, Bastille’s new single, “Bite Down.” This features HAIM, another great band and this collaboration is genius. These two bands are one of my favourites for their eclectic indie music. Even though, they are from different countries (UK & US), they have their own style that meshes well with one another. It especially shows in this track.

Do not forget that Bastille is also nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards! Keep an eye out for then when you watch the Grammy Awards! Enjoy!

– km xoxo


One thought on “#NewMusicTuesday: Bastille VS HAIM

  1. this is quite possibly my favorite song on the album (but then again i think that with all of their songs) and i love love love both artists. looking forward to the grammys and i really hope either of them win best new artist!


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