Hammer Museum


Finally! As I said on one of my earlier posts that is next on my list of which museums in SoCal I would like to go to is the Hammer Museum. The Hammer Museum is my new favourite museum to go to in SoCal so far and it kind of reminded me of the New Museum in Bowery, New York. Each of the exhibitions had their own personality and were captivating. My mum, sister and I were lucky to see the three out of the six exhibitions before they closed.

The three exhibitions that were my favourites were of the artists, N. Dash, Jim Hodges and Francis Upritchard. However, in the Jim Hodges’ exhibition, “Give More Than You Think,” there was a specific piece that completely drew me in and there were several of the works around the exhibition. The art piece is called, “Movement” and I could not believe how intricate the pieces of mosaic glass that were put together to create a beautiful mirror dancing with you as you moved. I loved how the lights reflected off the walls as well and how clever the lights were beaming. My mum, sister and I were very lucky to see the pieces and exhibitions since today is the last day to see them at the museum. Yet, here are some photos from some of the exhibitions and collections from the Hammer Museum. Enjoy!

– km xoxo


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