#TVFU #FashionKickOff


I adore fashion and being able to attend Teen Vogue Fashion University is an amazing opportunity. This weekend of March 13-15 is Fashion U. This evening, I went to the Kickoff party at Express in Times Square and it was wonderful. All of the students had the opportunity to shop at Express and mingle with one another. There was music by Chelsea Leyland, great hors d’oeuvres, mock cocktails, eyelash bar and faux tattoo parlor.

I could not believe how many people attended and some familiar faces as well. Also, I met new friends and exchanged business cards. At any event, I highly recommend bringing business cards because it is difficult to constantly using your mobile phone and it is a quicker way to easily contact a person.

Some of the familiar faces I have met in October 2013 of Fashion U, I caught up with them and it was so nice. One of the girls I met in October 2013 was Hannah Henderson, she is a stylist and fellow blogger. Her style is fabulous and please check out her blog: http://www.hannahriles.com. She has also been featured in Teen Vogue!

This was another opportunity to network with other people who work in the fashion industry. I was able to talk to Andrew Bevan about his favorite place in the world that inspires him the most and it is Japan. He discussed the beauty in the culture and fashion. It was nice to ask him that and how the world should constantly should be more aware of cultural diversity.

I caught up with a few people from Express and Teen Vogue. There were no words to describe how grateful I was seeing them and being able to meet their co-workers. All I have to say is thank you and those moments were humbling. The main point I would like to share with anyone trying to work in the fashion industry is do not be afraid to network or talk to people. They can be the key to your success and my philosophy is it never hurts starting from the bottom. For instance, interning and learning every aspect of the industry is crucial. Do not worry, everything will pay off!

Tomorrow, there will be classes and I will be live tweeting and posting more photos on Instagram. Please make sure to check them out!

Talk to you soon!

– km xoxo

P.S. Here are some photos from Express!


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