#TBT: #Tidal


April Fool’s Day is not only of jokes but no one was fooled Wednesday, April 1st, at Hostos Community College. A friend of mine, a photographer, Alejandro — aka Alex Tavarez — had Jay-Z guest speak at his college, about his new music business venture, TIDAL. The interview Q&A was curated by Reese Shad. Jay-Z was explaining what TIDAL was.

It is similar to Spotify and iTunes; however, it is starting to become more popular. TIDAL is fairly new to the music scene and the money goes to the artist as well. The philosophy for TIDAL is to preserve the craft of every artist in the world and to make sure their music is still treated as art.

Many of the owners of the music venture consist of Jay-Z to Calvin Harris. The music company is unique and subscribers can be able to watch music videos of their favourite artists as well. If you would like to learn more about TIDAL, this is the link to the website: http://tidal.com/us.

Also, these are some of Alejandro’s photos taken from his college:


– km xoxo

P.S. Alejandro’s Instagram username is: alejandrothegreat_ and be sure to follow him!


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