The Whitney Museum Opening


The new Whitney Museum has arrived and I could not have had enough of how beautiful it was.

I had a spontaneous trip to the city with one of my best friends, Kelvin, and I surprised him by going to the block party for the opening of the Whitney Museum. The opening was on Saturday, May 2 and Macy’s hosted the block party filled with activities and musical performers.

When we got to the museum, it was spectacular and we were so lucky because the free admission tickets were sold out when we arrived and a lovely couple gave us their extra tickets. As we walked in, I could not believe my eyes and the structure of the museum was modern and intricate.

We started on floor eight and worked our way down to floor one. There was a time line of each floor, which was based on the theme, America Is Hard to See. It was interesting to see through decades how artists were depicting their era while living in the United States of America. The art had political and cultural meaning per era.

One of the art pieces that caught my attention was Untitled by Lee Bontecou. The piece was made in 1961 and I thought the meaning behind it was clever because it represented, “the negative side of the atomic age.” The Whitney adds likening its appearance to “war equipment. With teeth.”

Floors six and five were my favorites because art in the 1960s – 1970s had a rich history spoken through the arts. There was so much change during these eras and art began to challenge the meaning of life. Art was used as propaganda during these times.

A whole was was dedicated to the fight against the Vietnam War and I remember seeing a video playing of how many soldiers that were killed in the war. The ironic thing about the video was how the classic song, “Bye Bye Love,” by the Everly Brothers kept playing. The song fit perfectly with the video and paired with the video made it more daunting and eerie. This definitely showed the harsh reality of the men who served our country and risked their lives for our safety during the war.

The outside galleries and terraces could not been more breathtaking to see. The view of the whole city of New York was there right in front of Kelvin and I. We were flabbergasted and there were no words how magnificent the view was. It was a great way to see the beauty of New York.

While we were walking around the museum, I met the one and only, famous art critic of New York Magazine, Jerry Saltz. The funny story is that I could not remember where I had seen Saltz before and I really wanted to go up to him to introduce myself. I did and I had a nice chat with him. Saltz told me he had spent some time at the museum and he wrote a review on the new Whitney Museum. Also, he even suggested taking a photo with me and I could not be more honored.

The night could not be anymore perfect! After the museum, Kelvin and I walked around the High Line. I have never walked through the High Line at night and Kelvin had never been to the city garden. It was nice and calming.

Then we went out for dinner at The Diner that is a couple of blocks from the High Line. I highly recommend getting the banana shake and the Diner Burger. The combination is perfection and the atmosphere of the Diner is modern with an old fashion twist.

I could not be anymore thrilled and I want to go back to the Whitney Museum as soon as possible! I highly recommend going to the destination and take a spontaneous trip to the city!

– km xoxo

P.S. Here are some photos of the night!


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