#TBT: Jackson Pollock


When I went to the opening of the Whitney Museum earlier this May, I saw one of the abstract paintings of Jackson Pollock and I could not be more in awe. I always get excited to see Pollock’s artwork because his pieces are interesting to see and how there is a deeper meaning to them.

The first time I saw Pollock’s artwork was at Los Angeles County Museum of Art and there was an exhibition of his works. The main feature of Pollock’s artwork was One: Number 31 and ever since then, I could not get enough of his art.

Abstract art has always interested me and the psychological meaning behind the abstract expressionist movement is captivating. Most abstract art is used in psychology to figure out a person’s perspective on certain things and to allow psychologists to diagnose a patient. The Whitney Museum curates abstract art in a insightful manner in their theme, America Is Hard to See.

There was this particular piece from Pollock I saw at the Whitney Museum was the 1950s piece, Number 27. I have never seen an art piece of his with pastel colors and the other pieces I have seen of his were of much darker colors. The painting even matched my pastel, pink leather jacket and I had to take a photo with the piece.

The drippings and splatters of Number 27 have a movement like no other. The colors of pink, silver, green, white, yellow and black contrast well with each other. The colors flow to Pollock’s signature style that can mesmerize anyone.

– km xoxo


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