#NewMusicTuesday: Beck

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Beck released a new single, Monday, June 15 and it is different of what we know of his mellow alternative rock. His single is called, “Dreams” and it is up-beat. The single has an electronic vibe to it and catchy as well. Personally, I really like this song and it can be a summer hit.

The cover art for “Dreams” has the perfect fit to the single and whimsical representation of a dream.

Cheers to Beck and I cannot wait what he has in-store for his next album.

– km xoxo




Hope everyone’s day is doing well!
Here is an outfit I wore over the weekend! I am wearing my new BEARPAW Hazel sandals, Banana Republic shirt and Forever 21 shorts.

Photo credit goes to my sister!

– km xoxo


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The 69th Annual Tony Awards did not disappoint Sunday night, June 7, and so as the fashion. I could not be in awe of how many custom-made gowns were made by Zac Posen. He deserved the Tony for best designer of the night and his date of the night was  Bernadette Peters. She wore a custom-made a satin lime green gown and never looked any better.

Two of Posen’s designs that were my favorite of the night were from Kristin Chenoweth. She wore a metallic silver gown on the red carpet and a black satin tux dress for the opening.  She was actually styled by Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. Wintour’s choices were perfect.

Cheers to all of the winners and Posen’s fashionistas of the night!

– km xoxo

The Hidden Some

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A friend of mine, John Jay Davidson launched a new magazine website called, The Hidden Some. The magazine features local Los Angeles artists, artists around the world and their art pieces. The art highlighted is from photography to make-up.

The art presented on the website is great because there is a wide variety of art. Street art is also mentioned, the article, “A New Giant In Town,” written by Ron Davison, depicts the latest street art from Shepard Fairey. Davison states in the article that there will be an exhibition in Detroit, Michigan featuring his works.

The first magazine issue will come soon and I will have those details for you soon!

If any artist would like to send it to the magazine, email the company at thehiddensome@gmail.com.

All artists welcome!

– km xoxo

Pollock Inspiration: #Stillness


Currently, I am in the middle of redecorating my room and I am still thinking of how I am decorating my room. I know I want the focus of my room is a painting I made called, “Stillness,” inspired by Jackson Pollock and the chefs of Netflix’s Chef’s Table.

I made the painting Monday, May 25 in my backyard and paint splattered/dripped paint onto the canvas — the colors consist of white, black and grey. I am obsessed with the color, light pink because there is a special femininity that the color brings to white, black and grey.

Whenever I look at my painting, I find tranquility and peace. The name of my painting comes from that, even though there is movement in the piece, there is still stillness within it.

The painting will be placed on left side of my room and the wall will be painted a light grey which will contrast with the painting’s light pink background. The rest of the room will be white or all light grey — I am not sure yet. However, I know that I want my room to be an inspiration of a museum like the Whitney Museum or the Museum of Modern Art.

Over the years, I collected post card of my favorite art pieces and I am going to frame them. Yet, I left them in New York, so those will have to wait. My other paintings will be hung up for now.

I remember when I met Jerry Saltz and we had an discussion about how it would be amazing to live in an art museum would be an amazing experience like the Whitney Museum. The construction of the new Whitney was perfection. Living and breathing in art…priceless.

I will be sure to post photos of my completed room!

– km xoxo

BEARPAW Brand Ambassador

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I am excited to announce that I will be BEARPAW‘s latest Brand Ambassador with many other fashionable men and women! I will be posting about the latest trends and new shoes for the season so be sure to keep an eye out!

I would like to thank Teen Vogue Fashion University for the opportunity, BEARPAW and BEARPAW’s amazing team. I am so honored and delighted to work with BEARPAW.

In the photo above, I am wearing the Calla wedges, size 7.5 in black and they are extremely comfortable. I have wore the wedges all day and not one complain. These wedges can be paired with any outfit that come in mind. I have wore these with a navy dress; a black and white summer dress; shorts and a t-shirt. The Calla wedges are adaptable and chic!

Summer is approaching and it is time to add more shoes to your wardrobe! Do not forget to check out the latest styles at http://www.bearpaw.com/.


– km xoxo