Pollock Inspiration: #Stillness


Currently, I am in the middle of redecorating my room and I am still thinking of how I am decorating my room. I know I want the focus of my room is a painting I made called, “Stillness,” inspired by Jackson Pollock and the chefs of Netflix’s Chef’s Table.

I made the painting Monday, May 25 in my backyard and paint splattered/dripped paint onto the canvas — the colors consist of white, black and grey. I am obsessed with the color, light pink because there is a special femininity that the color brings to white, black and grey.

Whenever I look at my painting, I find tranquility and peace. The name of my painting comes from that, even though there is movement in the piece, there is still stillness within it.

The painting will be placed on left side of my room and the wall will be painted a light grey which will contrast with the painting’s light pink background. The rest of the room will be white or all light grey — I am not sure yet. However, I know that I want my room to be an inspiration of a museum like the Whitney Museum or the Museum of Modern Art.

Over the years, I collected post card of my favorite art pieces and I am going to frame them. Yet, I left them in New York, so those will have to wait. My other paintings will be hung up for now.

I remember when I met Jerry Saltz and we had an discussion about how it would be amazing to live in an art museum would be an amazing experience like the Whitney Museum. The construction of the new Whitney was perfection. Living and breathing in art…priceless.

I will be sure to post photos of my completed room!

– km xoxo


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