Roitfeld’s Magical Icons

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Pure joy! Harper’s Bazaar announced Thursday, July 30 what will be in-store for the upcoming September issue. Carine Roitfeld writes about her favourite fashion icons throughout history featuring famous stars. Jean-Paul Goude is the photographer of the shoot and the photos are magical. There is also an article about Goude’s experience with Roirfeld and Stephen Gan.

Praise Gan, Goude and Roirfeld for Oprah being portrayed as Glenda the Good Witch to Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor.

The fashion spread is divine and the creativity of the minds of Goude and Roitfeld are magical. You can see the amount of detail one photo has and realistic. They give great respects to all of the phenomenal icons everyone knows and loves.

If you are not familiar the importance of the September issue in the fashion industry, do not fret. Normally, September and March are the months when it is time to clean your closets. However, September is more of the New Year’s Day of fashion and Fashion Week showcases during that time.

Fashion editorial magazines like Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Harper’s Bazzar have their biggest September issues published. They are large in size because of the advertisers featured in the magazines. Vogue carries the largest title of most advertisers and you can read more in depth via There was also a documentary film, The September Issue. The documentary is about Vogue’s creation process of their September 2009 issue.

When September comes, do not forget to buy your copy!

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Eddie Borgo + Target Collection


The Eddie Borgo Collection for Target is officially in stores and online. The collection is brilliantly do it yourself and can create any style fit for your personality.

When I went to Target, I could not believe the selection and the other pieces that were featured especially online.

I bought the classic Gold Choker with a Forest Green Pyramid Gemstone and gifted my cousin the Silicon Coated Choker with Puzzle Beads. These pieces were pre-styled and can still be changed with any liking. I also wanted to switch things up with my choker, I purchased the Small Howlite Gemstone Pyramid Charm and Small Safety Pin Charm in Silver and Gold.

The gold choker can be worn with a little black dress to a black v-neck paired with boyfriend jeans. As for the silicon choker, it can be worn the same and even a bright red dress. The chokers are a statement and completes a full look.

These are a few of the pieces from the collection I love and to see more of the jewelry — go to or your local Target store that features the collection!

Do not forget to buy it soon!

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Wes Anderson Art Show in NYC


If anyone is having a trip or is living in New York — go to the Wes Anderson Art Show. The Joseph Gross Gallery and Spoke Art will be hosting their annual pop-up art show on August 7-9.

Many of the artwork will is inspiration from Anderson’s iconic movies such as Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom. The art show showcases various artists that are influenced through the creativity of Anderson.

I learned about the upcoming art show on, written by Vogue’s culture editor, Jessie Heyman. When I read the article, I could not be more excited!

I have already placed the links on the post and to RSVP — click the Wes Anderson Art Show link and there will be further information there too.

Mark your calendars!

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#NewMusicTuesday: Leon Bridges


I adore the music of 1960s era and there was a commercial featuring the music of Leon Bridges. His music reminded me of the records my dad plays and the 60s era.

The song that was featured was, “Coming Home” from his album, Coming Home and the song has a classic feel to it.

Hope everyone’s Tuesday is well and play some sweet soul music to relax.

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I had always been inspired by the street artist, WRDSMTH and he has art all over Los Angeles. I follow him on Instagram and while I have been showing my cousins from Holland around LA — I had been keeping an eye out for his artwork.

Finally, I spotted an art piece of his and it is located in the Venice Beach area. The piece surrounded an electricity box and had two quotes — plus the logo of WRDSMTH.

The quote, which stood out to me was, “Create. Every day. And making excuses does not count.” I think this one stood out to me because he was right and reminded me that excuses are a waste of time.

The simplicity of WRDSMTH’s pieces are profound and takes the viewer to a simpler time. The artworks are straight forward, but they have a deeper meaning to all of them.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that there is a little bit of inspiration where ever we go. So try not to always look on your mobile phone and take a look around you.

Have a happy Monday!

– km xoxo

Mark Bradford: Scortched Earth


In my previous post, I stated how I will be discussing my experience at the Hammer Museum with my New York friends. This was my second time going to the museum and I could not wait going back. The Hammer always reminds me of the New Museum in Bowery, New York. The settings of the museums are clean, precise and minimalist. They give the art honor and take viewers on a journey about any exhibition.

During my time at the Hammer, the main exhibition was Scorched Earth by artist, Mark Bradford and it is displayed until Sunday, September 27. The lobby of the Hammer had Bradford’s painting features a map of AIDS epidemic starting in the 1980s. I looked closely at the painting and there is texture added to the painting. I thought it was clever to incorporate texture because there is more dept in the piece.

Samples 1, 2 and 3 caught my attention with the texture as well. There is so much story the pieces give together and the flow of the black dots can be seen through all three paintings. There were several pieces of material that made the trio and the fly’s eye perspective gives the viewer of a fly’s point of view — which is an distraught effect.

The Untitled pieces were so calming to see and the two paintings were made of mixed media. The theme of Bradford showed of how tormented human society is.

I think everyone can relate to his pieces because Bradford creates art work that people need to be aware of like AIDS and other social misinterpretations. I think society can learn from him and through his art.

Here are some photos of the pieces:

– km xoxo

#TBT Mobilier Français


The The Getty Center has various different exhibitions going on during the summertime. I had the pleasure of meeting with two of my friends visiting Los Angeles from New York. We met at the Getty Center first and then went to the Hammer Museum — will be featured in the next post.

Mainly, last Tuesday, June 30, we went around the Getty Gardens, ate lunch and saw some of the main collections of the Getty Museum. The French furniture displays were my favourite because of the impeccable detail each piece of furniture has. It was interesting to see how the type of furniture over the decades in France around King Louis XIV’s era.

The two types of furniture that transitioned over the 1700s called Rococo and Neoclassic. Rococo furniture is more curved and flowed with each piece made. In the description from the Getty, it states, “[…] an abundance of sculptural ornament, the Rococo style was much less ponderous and more graceful and lighthearted than the earlier Baroque style.” However, when Neoclassicism came into the French lifestyles and government — the designs became more straight and refined. Neoclassical style was more grand and focused on the architectural aspect instead.

Here are some photos to see the differences:


– km xoxo