#TBT Mobilier Français


The The Getty Center has various different exhibitions going on during the summertime. I had the pleasure of meeting with two of my friends visiting Los Angeles from New York. We met at the Getty Center first and then went to the Hammer Museum — will be featured in the next post.

Mainly, last Tuesday, June 30, we went around the Getty Gardens, ate lunch and saw some of the main collections of the Getty Museum. The French furniture displays were my favourite because of the impeccable detail each piece of furniture has. It was interesting to see how the type of furniture over the decades in France around King Louis XIV’s era.

The two types of furniture that transitioned over the 1700s called Rococo and Neoclassic. Rococo furniture is more curved and flowed with each piece made. In the description from the Getty, it states, “[…] an abundance of sculptural ornament, the Rococo style was much less ponderous and more graceful and lighthearted than the earlier Baroque style.” However, when Neoclassicism came into the French lifestyles and government — the designs became more straight and refined. Neoclassical style was more grand and focused on the architectural aspect instead.

Here are some photos to see the differences:


– km xoxo


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