Mark Bradford: Scortched Earth


In my previous post, I stated how I will be discussing my experience at the Hammer Museum with my New York friends. This was my second time going to the museum and I could not wait going back. The Hammer always reminds me of the New Museum in Bowery, New York. The settings of the museums are clean, precise and minimalist. They give the art honor and take viewers on a journey about any exhibition.

During my time at the Hammer, the main exhibition was Scorched Earth by artist, Mark Bradford and it is displayed until Sunday, September 27. The lobby of the Hammer had Bradford’s painting features a map of AIDS epidemic starting in the 1980s. I looked closely at the painting and there is texture added to the painting. I thought it was clever to incorporate texture because there is more dept in the piece.

Samples 1, 2 and 3 caught my attention with the texture as well. There is so much story the pieces give together and the flow of the black dots can be seen through all three paintings. There were several pieces of material that made the trio and the fly’s eye perspective gives the viewer of a fly’s point of view — which is an distraught effect.

The Untitled pieces were so calming to see and the two paintings were made of mixed media. The theme of Bradford showed of how tormented human society is.

I think everyone can relate to his pieces because Bradford creates art work that people need to be aware of like AIDS and other social misinterpretations. I think society can learn from him and through his art.

Here are some photos of the pieces:

– km xoxo


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