Eddie Borgo + Target Collection


The Eddie Borgo Collection for Target is officially in stores and online. The collection is brilliantly do it yourself and can create any style fit for your personality.

When I went to Target, I could not believe the selection and the other pieces that were featured especially online.

I bought the classic Gold Choker with a Forest Green Pyramid Gemstone and gifted my cousin the Silicon Coated Choker with Puzzle Beads. These pieces were pre-styled and can still be changed with any liking. I also wanted to switch things up with my choker, I purchased the Small Howlite Gemstone Pyramid Charm and Small Safety Pin Charm in Silver and Gold.

The gold choker can be worn with a little black dress to a black v-neck paired with boyfriend jeans. As for the silicon choker, it can be worn the same and even a bright red dress. The chokers are a statement and completes a full look.

These are a few of the pieces from the collection I love and to see more of the jewelry — go to Target.com or your local Target store that features the collection!

Do not forget to buy it soon!

– km xoxo


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