Roitfeld’s Magical Icons

Art, Fashion

Pure joy! Harper’s Bazaar announced Thursday, July 30 what will be in-store for the upcoming September issue. Carine Roitfeld writes about her favourite fashion icons throughout history featuring famous stars. Jean-Paul Goude is the photographer of the shoot and the photos are magical. There is also an article about Goude’s experience with Roirfeld and Stephen Gan.

Praise Gan, Goude and Roirfeld for Oprah being portrayed as Glenda the Good Witch to Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor.

The fashion spread is divine and the creativity of the minds of Goude and Roitfeld are magical. You can see the amount of detail one photo has and realistic. They give great respects to all of the phenomenal icons everyone knows and loves.

If you are not familiar the importance of the September issue in the fashion industry, do not fret. Normally, September and March are the months when it is time to clean your closets. However, September is more of the New Year’s Day of fashion and Fashion Week showcases during that time.

Fashion editorial magazines like Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Harper’s Bazzar have their biggest September issues published. They are large in size because of the advertisers featured in the magazines. Vogue carries the largest title of most advertisers and you can read more in depth via There was also a documentary film, The September Issue. The documentary is about Vogue’s creation process of their September 2009 issue.

When September comes, do not forget to buy your copy!

– km xoxo


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