Picasso Sculpture Exhibition


I had the opportunity to attend the Museum of Modern Art [MoMa], Pablo Picasso Sculpture Exhibition and I could not be more in awe.

The curation of the exhibition gave the right homage to Picasso because each gallery room represented the time period of his works respectfully. It takes the visitor on a journey through Picasso’s art evolution. For example, the time frames, 1902-1909 starts his early works and cubist sculptures — and ends with his sheet metal sculptures in 1954-1964. Technically, the years are 1902-1964, which is 62 years total of Picasso’s works.

I highly recommend going to the exhibition because it has not been in the United States for half a century and it is a humbling experience viewing Picasso’s collections. I was able to see some of my favourite sculptures and new-found favorites as well.The new favorites of mine are: Man with a Lamb; Death’s Head; and Sylvette. They each have a different type of movement on their own and have their own personalities. There is even a little bit of humor in the sculptures through the expressions of the animals or person.

I enjoyed how Picasso’s sculptures were not perfect like classic, ancient Greek or Roman sculptures. You can really see his emotions and point of view through the eras.

Here are a few photos:

The sculptures are from the Musée national Picasso-Paris and the museum helped organize the Picasso Sculpture exhibition will be on display until February 7, 2016. Make sure you attend the exhibition!

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Picasso Sculpture

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Museum of Modern Art [MoMa] opens a new exhibition, Picasso Sculpture going through February 7, 2016. The exhibition features sculptures from Pablo Picasso and is the first one in years.

Visitors will experience seeing the transition of Picasso’s sculptures and witness the art stages he went through.

Friday nights are free to the public during 4-8 p.m. and it is a great chance to see the rest of MoMa.

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New Blog: #kcmhappyfashion

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I am creating a sub-blog, specifically for fashion. I noticed how kcmhappy has shifted more to art rather than being a cohesive balance between art and fashion. The original blog, kcmhappy will be dedicated to art and the other is fashion.

The fashion blog is called kcmhappyfashion and the link is kcmhappyfashion.wordpress.com.

I hope you enjoy and please look out for my first post on kcmhappyfashion!

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