#FlashbackFriday: The Brothers 10 Exhibition


Many colleges showcase special exhibitions and are open to the public. Iona College has a Brother Kenneth Chapman Gallery 2015-2016 Exhibition Season this year with “The Brothers 10.” The artwork is created by 10 Christian Brothers and lasted until Oct. 22.

There were a variety of pieces from photography to sculpture. It was an unique opportunity to see artwork in the eyes of the 10 Christians Brothers. Some of their paintings even made an onlooker think what the piece was because most were abstract. However, once the title was read — it all made sense and that is the beauty of their artwork.

The way they incorporate their faith into their artwork is wonderful because people can see how much it means to them and gives them a different perspective through art. The simplicity of the strokes from “Who” by Br. M.D. Lucas is a representation of the Holy Spirit and correlates the light from God.

Even the two sculptures had their own movement because the had a dimension and simplicity — similar to the painting, “Sailing” by Br. Chapman. They were an homage to the Catholic icons, Madonna and Adam [from Adam and Eve]. Onlookers can see how the pieces were carefully made with the amount of detail.

Here are some photos of a few favorite pieces of mine:

If anyone wants to attend Iona College’s exhibitions, go to Events-Calendar.aspx!


-km xoxo


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