The Chef’s Table Season II


Food is becoming the new form of artistic expression and the public may have to start reserving its dinner spots soon enough. On May 27, Netflix surprised subscribers with its original documentary series, The Chef’s Table Season II. The good news is it has not disappointed following up from its impeccable first season. This time, Netflix followed six new exquisite international chefs and their journey of success.

I always thought  chefs are artists in their right creating their traditional cuisine into something new and exciting. This is a way for chefs to challenge their dining guests to think about the beauty of food. For instance, American chef Grant Achatz created a dessert, which is completely assembled in front of the guests and they can eat it on the table. It is like a painter working on a painting in front of a person and it is some type of spectacle.

However, one quote I thought it was inspiring and summarized the season was, “I had my struggle, I don’t want to go back there. I don’t want to go back, I want to go ahead,” Indian chef Gaggan Anand said.

Each chef had one particular connection, which tied them together was moving forward and continuously to evolve with their food. Also, the season depicted how important food is in society and we need to help preserve it.


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