If the Whitney Museum and MoMa had a baby — it would be The Broad


The Broad is a top museum to visit in Los Angeles and reserving tickets online is extremely competitive. However, my sister and I had the opportunity to reserve tickets in advance to visit The Broad June 17.

The museum was beautiful inside and out. The architecture was magnificent and we felt like we were in an alien space ship. The exploration was endless throughout the building and we only went to The Broad Collection top floor. Yet, the bottom floor included the new Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life exhibition. This one is noted a special exhibition, which is not free to the public and the wait line consisted of waiting an hour. Frankly, we decided not to pay or see the exhibition. The thing is, we did not understand why would you pay for an exhibition when the rest is free. Also, the wait for Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room was a five hours. My sister and I were actually disappointed not seeing it at all.

When we went to the top floor, The Broad Collection was impressive and minimalist towards its curation. The odd thing I kept noticing was how similar the works chosen that were on display to the Whitney Museum and Museum of Modern Art. Plus, most of the works were similar pieces past artists have done. For instance, the Whitney displayed the “Rückenfigur” (2009) and the Broad has the “Double America 2” (2014).

Personally, I felt like I have seen these pieces before and was underwhelmed. However, I am impressed how much The Broad’s public relations team has hyped the museum.

-km xoxo


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