I had the opportunity to go visit Washington D.C. last weekend and I was inspired seeing this street art piece in the Newseum. It is a clown-like face terrifyingly screaming, “ACT UP!”  The piece was created on one of the Berlin Wall pieces and the museum displayed the wall as if you were there in the 1960s to late 1980s. However, when I was there, I could feel the horror and separation of the wall. The differences from front and back are like night and day. The “ACT UP!” side had other works surrounding the wall, but in the back was completely blank.

It made me realize how powerful street art has been during that time and how it is influential now. For instance, Bansky‘s street art is similar to this piece because it is thought provoking and a reminder what is going on in society. I believe everyone should visit and see this piece because it was a part of our nation’s history to help Germany win democracy and peace.

Here is the photo below:


I hope you can visit soon, learn about the Wall and its impact on the world.

-km xoxo





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