Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Fashion, News

Deals, Deals and more Deals…. The holidays are approaching soon and sales from many stores are selling out fast. Today was interesting because I did go shopping today for Black Friday but did not get that much. Most of the prices in stores were still expensive and that goes to you Urban Outfitters. Yep, still expensive…personally, I think prices will diminish by the time the holidays come and they are much cheaper. However, if you are like me and love to shop…well shopping is always a must.

I noticed from some of the emails I have been receiving from some retail stores, like H&M and Uniqlo; they already started their sales online even before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It really all depends on the store and how you follow up with the stores. Also, the shoes/accessory store, Aldo has amazing deals on shoes and accessories. I found these cute pair of rubber Beatles inspired shoes for only $25 and it was originally about $55. Yep…pretty good deals online. Hope this helps and if you want to beat the lines I highly recommend just purchasing everything online.

– km xoxo