Death of selfies

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Everyone is guilty of taking selfies and even I admit to taking a few too — maybe more than a few. One day I was walking down the street and saw two posters I thought was very clever. The poster from the top is defying the selfie and the bottom one is an illustration of legendary designer, Coco Chanel.

I thought these two pieces of street art were ironic because they relate to the world people live in today. For instance, many celebrities to top fashion models take selfies to be relevant in the media. Frankly,  the fashion industry has taken advantage of using selfies too. This way they can promote new trends and advertise for new designers.

The top poster is  also just a great reminder to stop using technology or phones once in a while. I have noticed by just walking around New York City and everyone is constantly on their phones. Sadly, the selfies do live on, now, it is up to us to figure out when it is a great time to have a social media detox once in a while.

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Reincarnation #CCtheWorld

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The film is finally out and streaming on the web! I adore this film because it is so captivating from beginning to the end. Karl Lagerfeld always makes such fabulous films. In the beginning, the film takes you to a hotel where Coco Chanel is staying at and Chanel is played by Geraldine Chaplin. Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams were workers at the hotel. Cara creating some mischief and Pharrell being the elevator man. Then once everyone was asleep, the paintings of Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph I came alive. The paintings were reincarnated by Cara and Pharrell’s characters. They were dancing to the song, “CC the World” written by Pharrell and Cara was featured in the song as well. Also, I could not believe how amazing Cara’s voice is and she sounds fantastic! Towards the end, I loved how Coco asks Pharrell where did he get his jacket and he told her it was made for him. Then, she replies how she will make one for herself. Brilliant, right? Hope you enjoyed the film as much as I did!

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There is a new teaser out for the newest Chanel film directed by Karl Lagerfeld himself. The Chanel film is for the Chanel Paris-Salzburg 2014/2015 Métiers d’art collection. The collection will be presented in Austria on December 2nd, yet, the film will come out December 1st on The two lead characters that star in the film are Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams. It features the newest track by Pharrell and Cara is featured in it. The track is called, “CC the World” and is played in the teaser. The two stars look very regal by depicting Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph I and dance in the film. This refers back to the title of the film, “Reincarnation” of the royals of Austria. Set your calendars for December 1st to see the film!

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Chanel No. 5


Gisele Bundchen is the most glamorous muse of all time and she is in the mix of the other great muses who have been the face of Chanel No. 5. The famous perfume of Coco Chanel has reinvented itself through a short film by filmmaker, Baz Luhrmann. In the film, she is on a beach, surfing when her lover leaves her by leaving behind a note to her. Once it was read during a photo shoot that included Luhrmann as the photographer, she quickly leaves and finds her lover. Gisele’s character is happy at last and towards the end of the film; the perfume is shown.

I find the film quite captivating because of how much emotion Gisele brought to the film. The view can experience her disrepair and joy going back to her lover. Also, the perfume and new clothing from Chanel’s spring/summer 2015 collection was represented in a editorial fashion. Viewers can take a look behind the scenes through the film by watching how photo-shoots were made. I found it unique when most of the accessories depicted the perfume bottle such as the number 5 earrings she wore in the photo-shoot and the number 5 wetsuit she wore while surfing.

Baz Luhrmann is one of my favourite filmmakers and I was pleased how well he executed the Chanel No.5 film and Gisele captivated us all once more. To see the short film, click on the link and I would love to hear your thoughts about the new Chanel No.5 film.




“F” for Fashion



On Thursday, September 30th, 2014,  Chanel made another historic runway show at Paris Fashion Week for spring/summer 2015 collection. At the closing of the runway show, legendary Karl Lagerfeld walked down with all of the models protesting for equal rights among men and women around the world. The #HeforShe campaign actress, Emma Watson, who recently became an ambassador to the United Nations was on one of the poster borders of the rally. The role of feminism today is being brought up more and more around the world. Fashion icons such as Lagerfeld bring an awareness through the Chanel clothing and runway show. In the article, “Paris Fashion Week: At Chanel, Looking for a Sign,” written by Booth Moore discusses about how it is interesting that designers like Lagerfeld included feminism towards the end of the show. She adds that many women in today’s society still cannot afford much of the high end fashion brands and how the campaign was just to make feminism look cool. So can feminism be fashionable?
I think it can be because feminism does need that push and people around the world should be more aware of the inequality around the world. Sometimes the world needs that boost from designers or celebrities to help make things happen.

For more information about the article, here is the link: Also, to watch the video of Emma Watson’s speech at the United Nations, here is a link as well:

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