#TBT: Bruna’s Lifestyle YouTube Channel

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Great news! One of my close friends/besties Bruna Mikan has her very own YouTube Channel. She has featured me and bestie Amani on her newest video about us creating mug recipes. Some were delicious and others were alright. It was fun and a great experience to shoot and cook with these lovelies.

I hope you all enjoy and subscribe to her YouTube Channel!


-km xoxo


Netflix: Chef’s Table


I recently finished the Netflix’s Original Documentary Series, Chef’s Table. I always enjoy watching documentaries and was excited to watch the Chef’s Table. The documentary series was inspiring because chefs are artists to their cuisines. It was unique to see how they paved their own paths for their own creative freedoms.

I adore how each chef is different but they still have their own unique style of cooking. Each chef focuses on the detail and honor of each produce they cook with. They are very inspiring for anyone who is a fan of cooking or is a chef.

Since it is officially the weekend, go and watch the Chef’s Table! It is only six episodes and a perfectly great show to watch!


– km xoxo