#HouseofDVF: Episode VII


And there were three….yes, Lenore was sent home. However, on a brighter note, she got an interview with the head of sales for DVF. So, all is well and the claws are out among the last three contenders. Brittney, Kier and Amanda are left.

This episode was based on selling their garments they made for DVF to Nordstrom. Brittney and Amanda won! Yay! Their dresses are sold in Nordstrom and in two different colours. Very exciting for both of them. Amanda proved that she was competition worthy by selling one of the pieces to a supermodel fitting. Super proud! Sadly, disappointed in Brittney and Kier making fun of the underdog since she can surprise DVF with her strong work ethic. Also, it was annoying to see how emotional the women were and they simply cannot keep it together.

Especially, when the women had an interview and photo shoot with In Style magazine. The women had to style themselves with DVF and Lenore failed miserably. She cannot style and she has no fashion sense at all. Plus, she and Amanda did not do well in the group interviews too. They did not do their research and Lenore kept rambling. This was when Diane knew that Lenore was not the brand ambassador and sent her home.

To be honest, Diane is right, anyone can win and we just have to see next week’s finale to see who wins. Next week is the spring/summer 2015 collection at New York Fashion Week and the women are in charge of the show. Cross fingers!

– km xoxo


#HouseofDVF: Episode VI Review


Off to the Hamptons!

Sadly, it does not go well because the ladies ruined everything, thanks to Amanda. Amanda practically made everyone late and lost to a VIP fitting in the Hamptons. Also, it was her idea to throw a party and was not blamed for it. Yes, it is all of the ladies’ fault; yet, the DVF team should go to the core of the problem and not forget what Amanda had done too. At this point, Lenore is the only best bet and she just has to fix her accent.

Speaking of the VIP fitting, Brittney was not on her best behavior and gave a ton of attitude to DVF’s style editor, Jessica Joffe after the event. I learned from interning a bad attitude gets you no where and being in your best behavior will always be recognized. Literally, that was very disappointing and hopefully next week’s episode she can redeem herself. Who knows she might be sent home too. At least she apologized and there is just nothing more to say.

Believe it or not, after the women threw the pool party and one of the VIP’s jumped into the pool with a thousand dollar sample on. Diane and the team were furious. Literally, still cannot believe Amanda was not blamed but Kier’s actions were ridiculous. She literally gave bad attitude to Diane, rolling her eyes and acted like a 4 year old child. Lenore was right, why did not she learn from Brittney’s mistakes??? Unbelievable.

In the next episode, everyone is just having a terrible week and Diane might cancel finding a brand ambassador. We shall see what happens…

– km xoxo

#HouseofDVF: Episode V


Two women are gone! Thank goodness because these two are not even well qualified to be the brand ambassador for DVF. Yes, Jinna and Abigail are gone! Oh well, I agree with Diane’s decisions, you do not drink on the job and make a fool out of yourself. This is the perfect example of Tira Bank’s famous quote on America’s Next Top Model, “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” Goodbye now. That is why you need to present yourself in the best no matter what.

I guess that did not go so well for Abigail too since she did not do well on a sales event well again…BIG SHOCKER. That’s why she was sent home and now the rest of the ladies have to set up a shoot for a DVF social media campaign. They have to find an everyday woman to shoot that embraces the DVF persona. They agreed on a woman that Kier found but then found out that she was not that exciting. So, Brittany took the initiative to find another lady and she is her best friend. All the women loved the idea but Kier did not see to enjoy it since it was not her idea. Then the rest of the time Brittany and Kier fought…

When they shot their photos for the social media campaign, everyone was rude to one another and the same fighting happened. However, the only person that surprised me was Lenore and her photo became the favorite of Diane’s. She is really impressive with sales, her photo was unique showing a woman working out after work and it all made sense. I do not understand why Kier said that she did not understand her vision of her ad.

It was also a shame that the women did fight in front of Diane because it is unprofessional and shameful. Luckily, we find out no one goes home in the preview but they ruined the DVF dresses at a party they threw in the Hamptons.  We just have to wait for next week to see the fury of Diane and her team. Good luck ladies.

– km xoxo

#HouseofDVF: Episode IV


Sunday’s episode of House of DVF was catty as usual and most of the women did not get along…#surprise. However, this episode was eventful starting off with the trip to Bergdorfs for a DVF sales event and Diane helped customers choose dresses. The only person who could not do their job or dressed up business appropriately to represent DVF is Abigail. Abigail clearly does not know how to be a brand ambassador for DVF and don’t forget about Jinna as well. She does loves to drink her cocktails during the job and who does that?? Plus, no one cares about your love life sweety. This is probably why both of them are possibly send home by Diane at the ending. However, we still have to wait and see for the newest episode.

The women had a great opportunity to design outfits for the brand and DVF Artistic Director, Michael Herz chose the winners. He chose Brittany, Jinna and Amanda’s sketches. The best part was that before he chose the winner, he puts Kier into her place because she did not design an innovated outfit…#basic. She literally looked like she was about to cry and throw a fit. Oh well and now the women have to be split up into teams to finish creating the winning designs.

Another fight broke out between the women but honestly I am over talking about who’s fighting since once again Brittany and Amanda are girls not adult women. Yet, I am proud of Amanda for apologizing to Brittany for confronting her unprofessionally. Nope, Brittany cannot accept the apology because clearly she is “better than everyone else.” She should have and focused back to work.

It was Brittney’s lucky day though since Diane invited her to dine with her guests at her DVF luncheon. The women had to set up the luncheon that was planned for two days and they did a great job. Brittney did really well too when she dined with Diane and her guests. So who knows, she might win or someone else will.

Now, let’s wait for the latest episode this Sunday!

– km xoxo

House of DVF: Episode III


Finally, I watched the latest episode on House of DVF and I was pleased with last week’s episode. Tiffani had the right to go home and I was very happy that Diane gave her a retail job at one of the DVF stores. I agree with Diane, it is always the best to start from the bottom and work your way up. Starting from the bottom allows anyone to grow as an individual and learn about each sector of any industry; especially, the fashion industry.

Kier showed she was the bitch of the group yet one of the few that are trainable. She was the only one accepted to the CFDA Awards with Diane. I am glad Diane and her team put her in her place because she is a sad person, complaining all the time and thinks she knows everything. She clearly showed how insecure she is as a person in this episode and hopefully she can grow up.

However, I was very annoyed that the women were also complaining about not being able to attend the CFDA Awards show and they were stuck cleaning the studio. Sometimes you just have to take it in and pay your do’s.

Now speaking of the press event. Seriously, who does not do their research at any job and let alone not knowing what the inspiration behind a collection. Even let alone professionalism is thrown out the window for some of the women. They kept on talking about themselves and were not selling the brand at all. I think these women are too emotional and focus on pride. My friend, Alexa is right when we were watching the show, she said that these women are too emotional that overshadow their work rather than focusing on the work itself to help DVF.

Next week, looks more interesting when the women go out to party….

– km xoxo

DVF: Episode II

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So that episode was filled with drama and there is no end to the drama at all in the House of DVF. Kier is the one who starts all the drama as usual and I agree with Jinna that everything is not about her. She does need to go and she is never a team player. Speaking about Jinna and the other women…they need to get the act together…FAST. The unnecessary drama is pathetic and these women need to grow up. I cannot believe that they do not realize that their future bosses or companies watch House of DVF. Then one day, they will come to an interview and will not get the job because they will be remembered as an emotional, unprofessional wreak on television. Oh well, that is their problem now.

However, there are only two of the women who clearly show class and are trying to excel. They are Amanda Schauer and Brittany Hamptom. They know what they are doing, know what they want and are willing to learn the most. Hopefully these two contenders will make it to the end and we just have to see to find out. Cross fingers!

– km xoxo