2016 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Series

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This weekend I binged watched Vogue’s 2016 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Series on its YouTube Channel.  I loved every minute of it and I thought the process really pushed each designer. This truly shows detail, personality and hard work pays off. Anyone interested in fashion should watch this and learn how valuable it is to nurture new designers today.

I’m so happy for the runners up and the winners! They were all my favorite from the start, but I am not telling you who they are! You must watch first — NO SPOILERS.

Enjoy, the playlist here:


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Think like a Brit #BritishStyle

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British fashion has always been posh and electric. There is many layers to British fashion and thanks to British GQ and British Vogue have created a video series called, “The Roots of British Style.” Each week, they will be posting a video on their YouTube channels and teach the public about the history of British Fashion. Here is the trailer bellow:


Personally, I love watching this series so far and I admire how the British value the art of education and learning. It is intriguing to see where all the British popular styles have come from and how its fashion revolutionized today.

Also, if you have spare time, check out British Vogue’s “The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung: Series 1 & 2.”  It is about teaching the fundamentals of today’s fashion industry from being a digital editor to a public relations director. It is a great series to check out if you are also interested in working in fashion.

I would love to hear your comments about your thoughts on the two series and recommendations on other fashion educational videos; so please comment below!


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#TBT: Cinderella + Teen Vogue Fashion U


The latest Cinderella film was one of the sponsors of Fashion U and there was a section for the students to hangout and had a Cinderella experience. I cannot wait to see the movie and the costumes! Vogue magazine had an article from their November 2014 issue regarding the Cinderella costumes and the link to the article is: http://www.vogue.com/4463911/cinderella-movie-2015-sandy-powell-costume-designer/.

There were several art pieces, clothing and chocolates shaped as glass slippers. Zac Posen and Coco Rocha had some of their designs on display during Fashion U based off the inspiration from the classic story. Here are some photos of the Cinderella experience:


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#TheIonian: Start your career with a conversation

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Teen Vogue Fashion University of 2015 has passed, however, if you would like to learn about my story getting an internship through Fashion U 2013; here is a link from The Ionian, my college’s newspaper:



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#FashionU Graduation


The last day of Teen Vogue Fashion U was on Sunday, March 15 and we had one Keynote speaker. Our Keynote speaker was Oscar de la Renta’s PR Girl, Erika Bearman and last Fashion U I was not able to see her guest speak. Now, I am happy to say I have. One key advice I can never forget was during class she said to the class, “Do it for yourself and work for your job.” She told us her journey in working in PR and working for the American house, Oscar de la Renta. Her story was inspiring and I could not be anymore humbled.

Teen Vogue Fashion U has taught me so much and I  thank the people involved. I cannot wait for next year’s seminar and hope to grow even more in the fashion industry. I highly recommend anyone who wants to apply because this is the opportunity to learn and grow.

Lastly, here are some photos from graduation, classes from Saturday and photos with my new friends I made. Also, I would like to shout out to a new friend of mine, Austin and you can find him on Instagram at androdolly. He was featured in Teen Vogue’s Street Styles of Fashion U: http://www.teenvogue.com/fashion/street-style/2015-03/teen-vogue-fashion-u-university/?slide=1. Please check his Instagram out and be sure to follow him!

Hope you enjoy!


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#FashionU Classes


On Saturday, March 14, classes at Teen Vogue Fashion University were perfect. In the morning, Jason Wageheim, publisher of Teen Vogue, mentioned my Fashion U experience regarding my past internship with Eddie Borgo/Outhouse LLC. He wanted my class in the Editorial/Public Relations/Social Media group to know that students like me can land an internship through Fashion U. Towards the end of the day, I was able to personally thank Jason for the mention and how it meant so much to me. He told me how proud he was and I can never forget that. So, shout-out to Jason!

Michelle Phan was our dean and she told us her story about getting in the beauty business through YouTube. She encouraged to just do whatever we set our minds to and do not be afraid to take risks. Also, she added how we should take time for ourselves and relax once in a while. I liked how we could relate to her story because she was a college student as well when she first started her YouTube channel. Now, with her hard work and dedication, Michelle is one of the most successful YouTube Beauty Channel stars we know today.

I was placed into group b for my classes and my two next guest speakers, Juliana Ribeiro and Brian Phillips — they are from a PR Firm, Black Frame. Black Frame works with Nike, Kenzo and other fashion brands. They showed the class a few case studies of their fashion campaigns and they stressed the three important things important to be successful in PR. The three important things are: building strong relationships with the media and in all areas; research constantly; and story-telling of your client — content, photographers and the history of the brand. They emphasized how these three key factors need special attention because details matter and we should always be thinking of the next step.

This leads to the my next class from the guest speaker, Kristen Joy Watts, who works for Instagram’s art, fashion and community. She taught the importance of story-telling through Instagram posts and how our captions should be simple. It was learning about how to simplify our posts and we had done an exercise with a partner to look at each others accounts. Then, with one sentence we had to describe our partners. It was a nice experience looking at another person’s account and understanding who she as a person. I described my partner’s as living life to the fullest and smile always.

After class we had lunch and the food was great. Teen Vogue provided the students with food and then classes began.

There was an editors panel set up for all of the Socail/PR/Editor students. The Teen Vogue editors were: Dana Mathews, Drew Elovitz, Elaine Welteroth, Erin Kaplan, Ester Adams and moderated by Amy Astley. The editors panel gave us insight on what is it like to be an editor of Teen Vogue. Most of the editors started as assistants and worked their way up. They advised us to work hard because hard work will easily be noticed and how we need to be patience. A funny tip from Amy was to babysit since it is a great way to network with parents as well.

After the editors panel, my next class was with Donna Karen New York’s Senior Vice President Global Communications, Aliza Licht was our guest speaker. She used the campaign, #CARA4DKNY, as the case study example. It was a refresher from my introductory class of PR from last year. Aliza gave us tips on how to create a successful time capsules and explained the process of #CARA4DKNY. She asked us to create our own campaign with DKNY watches and I was happy that she made us do that so we can apply what we have learned in class. Her class was one of my favorites and I learned how in American in-house PR there is more control. For instance, you can see the actual process of the product to the end and rather than being in Europe. In Europe, the office will be via satellite and there is less involvement seeing the completion of the product of the brand. Furthermore, I highly recommend pre-ordering her book, “Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It In Your Career. Rock Social Media” and it comes out, Tuesday, May 5.

Finally, my last class was from the writer of the book, “Pitch Perfect,” Mickey Rapkin. There are not any words to say how awesome he is and how he still writes for editorial magazines as a freelance writer. I enjoyed getting to know his story and the interviews he has done in the past. Also, to hear how his book is now one of the most popular movies to date.

The day ended by a mix and mingle event with Teen Vogue. During the event, I caught up with some of my classmates and talked to some editors as well. I met up with Andrew Bevan and he noticed there were two other girls who wore the same pastel pink pallet as me. He had asked us if we matched on purpose and we did not. So, we all took a photo with him!

Here are some photos from the classes and hope you enjoy:

– km xoxo

#TVFU #FashionKickOff


I adore fashion and being able to attend Teen Vogue Fashion University is an amazing opportunity. This weekend of March 13-15 is Fashion U. This evening, I went to the Kickoff party at Express in Times Square and it was wonderful. All of the students had the opportunity to shop at Express and mingle with one another. There was music by Chelsea Leyland, great hors d’oeuvres, mock cocktails, eyelash bar and faux tattoo parlor.

I could not believe how many people attended and some familiar faces as well. Also, I met new friends and exchanged business cards. At any event, I highly recommend bringing business cards because it is difficult to constantly using your mobile phone and it is a quicker way to easily contact a person.

Some of the familiar faces I have met in October 2013 of Fashion U, I caught up with them and it was so nice. One of the girls I met in October 2013 was Hannah Henderson, she is a stylist and fellow blogger. Her style is fabulous and please check out her blog: http://www.hannahriles.com. She has also been featured in Teen Vogue!

This was another opportunity to network with other people who work in the fashion industry. I was able to talk to Andrew Bevan about his favorite place in the world that inspires him the most and it is Japan. He discussed the beauty in the culture and fashion. It was nice to ask him that and how the world should constantly should be more aware of cultural diversity.

I caught up with a few people from Express and Teen Vogue. There were no words to describe how grateful I was seeing them and being able to meet their co-workers. All I have to say is thank you and those moments were humbling. The main point I would like to share with anyone trying to work in the fashion industry is do not be afraid to network or talk to people. They can be the key to your success and my philosophy is it never hurts starting from the bottom. For instance, interning and learning every aspect of the industry is crucial. Do not worry, everything will pay off!

Tomorrow, there will be classes and I will be live tweeting and posting more photos on Instagram. Please make sure to check them out!

Talk to you soon!

– km xoxo

P.S. Here are some photos from Express!


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J’adore Dior! Whenever, there is a new fashion documentary, I get so excited and to see Raf Simons’ first collection to come alive in the House of Dior is impeccable. The documentary takes the fashion viewer on a journey of his process of being the new creative director of Dior. His first collection was minimalistic yet true to the House of Dior. I am excited to see the film in cinemas on April 10. Do not forget to mark your calendars for an exciting journey of Simons in the House of Dior!

– km xoxo

#HouseofDVF: Finale

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Congrats to Brittney on her win as the first DVF Brand Global Ambassador! She well deserved it because she was the only one who proved herself during the fashion show. Super happy! She and Amanda were my top two from the beginning! Through the ups and downs they made it to the final three!

When the ladies were in charge of the pre-show of the spring/summer 2015 New York Fashion Week show. Kier started a little bit of the drama by touching a model and caused a commotion. However, she redeemed herself when she filled in for Naomi Campbell at the rehearsal and Diane was impressed. Not that impressed though since she was the first one eliminated. Bye and karma.

As for Amanda, she did not even do a great job either because she disorganized the final line up of the models and Brittney took initiative to reorganize the line up. To be honest, that is all I have to say about Amanda besides good job during the rest of the season.

Out of everyone Brittney was the one who worked her butt off and it showed. Diane was impressed and I am proud of her for coming this far. Even though she had her moments, she fought through. You go girl! I can’t wait to see you grow even more as the first DVF Brand Global Ambassador! Cheers!

– km xoxo

#HouseofDVF: Episode VII


And there were three….yes, Lenore was sent home. However, on a brighter note, she got an interview with the head of sales for DVF. So, all is well and the claws are out among the last three contenders. Brittney, Kier and Amanda are left.

This episode was based on selling their garments they made for DVF to Nordstrom. Brittney and Amanda won! Yay! Their dresses are sold in Nordstrom and in two different colours. Very exciting for both of them. Amanda proved that she was competition worthy by selling one of the pieces to a supermodel fitting. Super proud! Sadly, disappointed in Brittney and Kier making fun of the underdog since she can surprise DVF with her strong work ethic. Also, it was annoying to see how emotional the women were and they simply cannot keep it together.

Especially, when the women had an interview and photo shoot with In Style magazine. The women had to style themselves with DVF and Lenore failed miserably. She cannot style and she has no fashion sense at all. Plus, she and Amanda did not do well in the group interviews too. They did not do their research and Lenore kept rambling. This was when Diane knew that Lenore was not the brand ambassador and sent her home.

To be honest, Diane is right, anyone can win and we just have to see next week’s finale to see who wins. Next week is the spring/summer 2015 collection at New York Fashion Week and the women are in charge of the show. Cross fingers!

– km xoxo