I had always been inspired by the street artist, WRDSMTH and he has art all over Los Angeles. I follow him onĀ Instagram and while I have been showing my cousins from Holland around LA — I had been keeping an eye out for his artwork.

Finally, I spotted an art piece of his and it is located in the Venice Beach area. The piece surrounded an electricity box and had two quotes — plus the logo of WRDSMTH.

The quote, which stood out to me was, “Create. Every day. And making excuses does not count.” I think this one stood out to me because he was right and reminded me that excuses are a waste of time.

The simplicity of WRDSMTH’s pieces are profound and takes the viewer to a simpler time. The artworks are straight forward, but they have a deeper meaning to all of them.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that there is a little bit of inspiration where ever we go. So try not to always look on your mobile phone and take a look around you.

Have a happy Monday!

– km xoxo