Today is an important day, ELECTION DAY! Our future as Americans start today and it is our duty to vote our opinion. Please make sure you vote today and support our future President Hilary Clinton!

If you are in the New York or Los Angeles area  click here where to cast your vote: https://www.elections.ny.gov or https://www.lavote.net/locator.

Let’s get ready to make history everyone! #IFEELLIKEHILLZ #NASTYWOMAN

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I had always been inspired by the street artist, WRDSMTH and he has art all over Los Angeles. I follow him on Instagram and while I have been showing my cousins from Holland around LA — I had been keeping an eye out for his artwork.

Finally, I spotted an art piece of his and it is located in the Venice Beach area. The piece surrounded an electricity box and had two quotes — plus the logo of WRDSMTH.

The quote, which stood out to me was, “Create. Every day. And making excuses does not count.” I think this one stood out to me because he was right and reminded me that excuses are a waste of time.

The simplicity of WRDSMTH’s pieces are profound and takes the viewer to a simpler time. The artworks are straight forward, but they have a deeper meaning to all of them.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that there is a little bit of inspiration where ever we go. So try not to always look on your mobile phone and take a look around you.

Have a happy Monday!

– km xoxo

Mark Bradford: Scortched Earth


In my previous post, I stated how I will be discussing my experience at the Hammer Museum with my New York friends. This was my second time going to the museum and I could not wait going back. The Hammer always reminds me of the New Museum in Bowery, New York. The settings of the museums are clean, precise and minimalist. They give the art honor and take viewers on a journey about any exhibition.

During my time at the Hammer, the main exhibition was Scorched Earth by artist, Mark Bradford and it is displayed until Sunday, September 27. The lobby of the Hammer had Bradford’s painting features a map of AIDS epidemic starting in the 1980s. I looked closely at the painting and there is texture added to the painting. I thought it was clever to incorporate texture because there is more dept in the piece.

Samples 1, 2 and 3 caught my attention with the texture as well. There is so much story the pieces give together and the flow of the black dots can be seen through all three paintings. There were several pieces of material that made the trio and the fly’s eye perspective gives the viewer of a fly’s point of view — which is an distraught effect.

The Untitled pieces were so calming to see and the two paintings were made of mixed media. The theme of Bradford showed of how tormented human society is.

I think everyone can relate to his pieces because Bradford creates art work that people need to be aware of like AIDS and other social misinterpretations. I think society can learn from him and through his art.

Here are some photos of the pieces:

– km xoxo

#NewMusicTuesday: Big Data + Jamie Lidell


Here is to the almost summer and the long await for long beach days! Cheers to Big Data and Jamie Lidell collaborating on a soon-to-be summer track of the season. The song is called, “Clean” and Big Data’s album, “2.0” is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

Also, last summer my sister, a couple of friends of mine and I saw Big Data open for Magic Man at The Grove in Los Angeles. He was pretty good and he played some of his songs from the album.

There are free concerts there every summer and when The Grove posts dates on who is playing; I will let you all know!


– km xoxo

#TBT: Hodges


TGIT! Here is a photo from my trip with my sister and mum to the Hammer Museum. This is piece from the Jim Hodges exhibition and one of my other favourites was this box piece. The piece was in a dark room and has a built-in light. It was captivating because there was an entry in the box and in front there were medal spikes apart of the wall. When you enter out of the box, you can see the person inside. Shout out to my mum for taking the photo of my sister and me!

– km xoxo

Hammer Museum


Finally! As I said on one of my earlier posts that is next on my list of which museums in SoCal I would like to go to is the Hammer Museum. The Hammer Museum is my new favourite museum to go to in SoCal so far and it kind of reminded me of the New Museum in Bowery, New York. Each of the exhibitions had their own personality and were captivating. My mum, sister and I were lucky to see the three out of the six exhibitions before they closed.

The three exhibitions that were my favourites were of the artists, N. Dash, Jim Hodges and Francis Upritchard. However, in the Jim Hodges’ exhibition, “Give More Than You Think,” there was a specific piece that completely drew me in and there were several of the works around the exhibition. The art piece is called, “Movement” and I could not believe how intricate the pieces of mosaic glass that were put together to create a beautiful mirror dancing with you as you moved. I loved how the lights reflected off the walls as well and how clever the lights were beaming. My mum, sister and I were very lucky to see the pieces and exhibitions since today is the last day to see them at the museum. Yet, here are some photos from some of the exhibitions and collections from the Hammer Museum. Enjoy!

– km xoxo

SoCal Museums

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I read the other day that on January 31st, many of the Southern California museums will be free to the public to support the program, “Museums Free-For-All.” Mark your calendars and try to go to every single museum for free. Also, make sure you look on their websites because certain days are free. For instance, MOCA has their free nights from 5-8 PM on Thursdays. To learn more about the free admissions for January 31st, here is the link from LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/culture/la-et-cm-southern-california-museums-free-20150104-story.html. Enjoy!

– km xoxo

Music Street Art


While driving down LA today, it was simply splendid because it has been a while since I have been home in a while. When there was a stop light, I looked towards my right and saw two album covers painted on a garage door. The two album covers are from the band, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. It was great to see their album covers, “Here” and their self titled album, “Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.” The colour and contrast were spot on. Also, it is a unique way to advertise their albums and for people to talk about the band via street art. Street art is the best, that is why I constantly tell people, “Keep your eyes open because you’ll never know what art you would find.” Enjoy!


– km xoxo

The Grove LA


Today, my family and I went to The Grove. The Grove is one of my favourite places in Los Angeles because of the food and events that take place there. I always get a crepe and hot coca at The French Crepe Co. and that is one of my favourite restaurants I love at The Farmers Market next door to The Grove. You can find more information at: http://www.thegrovela.com/. Also, the newest store to open at The Grove is a DVF store and do not forget there is a sale at the store. So go ASAP! Here are some photos from today! Enjoy!

– km xoxo