The Met’s Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion

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I am always on the hunt for a next great exhibition coming up and I finally came a upon a new fashion exhibition! The Metropolitan Museum of Art will be showcasing Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion and it will open Friday, Nov. 18th.

This is a special exhibition because the gowns and clothing on display are designers’ representations of art. I am really excited to see how it is curated and to learn how these designers changed the art world through fashion. I know some people think fashion isn’t an art form, but they are wrong. Fashion is a sector of art and a way to express the culture and world we live today. I am pretty confident that once everyone goes to this exhibition they will have a better understanding as fashion as an art form.

Make sure you attend The Met and the exhibition lasts until Sunday, Feb. 5th.

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Manus x Machina

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I tend to see fashion more as an art form and this is why I am writing about The Metropolitian Museum of Art‘s latest exhibition Manus x Machina on the kcmhappy website — rather than the kcmhappyfashion website.

Before I went back to Los Angeles for summer break, my best friend Kelvin and I went on our end-of-the-year city trips. We normally visit a museum exhibition and have dinner after. Last year, we attended The Whitney Museum‘s grand opening and here is the link to read more about that journey.

May 6, we went to see The Met’s Manus x Machina exhibition and it was glorious. I did not realize how simplistic the exhibition was going to be. Each section of Manus x Machina took the viewer on the journey how couture evolved and the different technique applications were made or perceived.For instance, there were application sections of feather, pattern, floral, leather, drape and lace works.

I enjoyed learning about the new applications as well — especially from Iris van  Herpen. She has made and worked with architects to create gowns from a 3-D printer. It is similar to how an artist uses mix media in their art like Jackson Pollock to Robert Rauschenberg. Herpen is one of the new modernists in the fashion world. She is my new favorite designer.


However, two Ensembles I could not keep my eyes off were from Victor & Rolf and Comme des Garcons. The pattern making and draping from both had a simplicity and craftsmanship. These two were breathtaking to see. Also, there were quotes written near each piece and explaining why how their designs were made.

“I express a concept to patternmakers in words or through nuance. Design starts with how my staff interprets the concept,” designer and founder of Comme des Garcons Rei Kawakubo said. “The patterners are  in fact designing. We don’t apply the usual patterning routine to our conceptual making process. It is just cumbersome.”

Here is a photo of the garments:


I admired how curator, Andrew Bolton wanted the exhibition to focus on the garments and to slow down the fashion world. He did it justice and when Kelvin and I went — people were observing each garment tremendously. The couture pieces spoke themselves. It just saddened us how there were this group of women constantly taking photos of themselves with the exhibition pieces only for social media.

Manus x Machina will be on view to the public until August 14, 2016 and it is a must-see!

-km xoxo


Frank Stella + The Whitney Museum

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A famous all-American artist, Frank Stella is gracing his masterpieces in the Whitney Museum of American Art. This is a must-see exhibition because his works are minimalism and abstraction. They continue to inspire other artists and onlookers around the world.  The popular exhibition opened Oct. 30, 2015 and lasts until Feb. 7, 2016.

This is next on my list of exhibitions to attend before winter break and I cannot wait to see what is in-store.

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Jim Shaw: The End Is Here


The New Museum‘s latest exhibition, “Jim Shaw: The End Is Here,” takes the audience into a new and eye-opening experience through corruption, imagination and religion. The whimsical exhibition had a realist and tragic perspective of society. There are three levels dedicated to Shaw’s artwork: the second floor is a homage to his paintings that depict the Seven Deadly Sins; third floor is more about religion, especially, Christianity; and the fourth floor is a presentation of his iconic third dimensional, Labyrinth: I Dreamt I was Taller than Jonathan Borofsky (2009).

I started the exhibition reverse chronicle order because the museum’s Sky Room is only open Saturday and Sundays. After, the Sky Room, the fifth floor had two exhibitions of Wynne Greenwood: “Kelly” and Histories of Sexuality. Those ones were interesting but were not appealing as Shaw’s exhibition. There were a few pieces I enjoyed from Greenwood like the busts she sculpted made of various material. The busts are haunting and entertaining because they have unique qualities of human emotions. Here are some photos of some of my favourite pieces:

Now, the fourth floor and the finale of Shaw’s exhibition was a dream. It transported the audience to a dystopia with characters from history and pop culture. There was a sense of fear and comfort because Shaw’s depiction of them was comical. The perception of making fun and showing the harsh reality of what society has been come now is a reflection of the past. Labyrinth: I Dreamt I was Taller than Jonathan Borofsky is the type of piece that society has ignored and brushed aside at times. Sadly, the artwork speaks the truth itself.

Then, the third floor is about religion, specifically pointed to Christianity and there is this one room that looks like Amoeba Record Store. There are banners, paintings, photos and books Shaw made and inspired him with his artwork. There was a specific banner, which was a timeline of the Catholic Bible and had information about Genesis to Deuteronomy. Also, there were busts of men and the devil was inserted in the middle. It was clever to put the devil there because surrounding him were diverse ethnicity of man. Probably, Shaw had meant there is a devil inside/outside everyone and he is a heavy influence on society without anyone knowing. The label of cultures do not matter anymore because of the devil.

However, this is where the second floor artworks differ because there are different correlations of the Seven Deadly Sins. For instance, the main painting is called Seven Deadly Sins (2013) and it is a relationship diagram between all of the sins. Each main sub-painting was satirical and amusing. Towards the bottom right corner, there is even a monkey painting. Another amusing painting is The Gate and Alfred Hitchcock’s head the main feature. There are pearls coming out of his mouth and a McDonald’s bag filled with hamburgers accompanies him from behind. Gluttony is represented and Hitchcock eating pears could signify how our society glamorizes obesity.

Here are photos of the paintings:

As for the other drawings and paintings; there were comic strips questioning people’s beliefs like if they were like a child/teenager. Shaw uses this as adults still trying to figure out things themselves like Jean Paul Sartre’s play, No Exist. There is also this deep psychological meaning where his art shows were all mad at times and everyone lives in a world of chaos. Chaos is beauty, similar to Charles Baudelaire’s poem, Fleurs de Mal: To the Reader. These can even tie with the new season of American Horror Story: Hotel because the people die at the hotel cannot leave their own hell.

It all depends on the person’s interpretation and I highly recommend going to the New Museum. The Shaw exhibition lasts until Jan. 10, 2016 and make sure to plan a visit before the Sky Room is closed too!

-km xoxo

Jim Shaw Exhibition


A new exhibition to look out for this week is called, Jim Shaw: The End Is Near. The New Museum is opening the exhibition to the public, Wednesday, October 7; however, luckily, Thursday nights are normally donation nights. The Pay-As-You-Wish consists of minimum two dollars from 7 p.m.-9 p.m..

I hope to attend the exhibition soon because Shaw depicts the chaos in culture and it would be exciting to see. Make sure to mark your calendars and it lasts until January 10, 2016!

-km xoxo

Picasso Sculpture

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Museum of Modern Art [MoMa] opens a new exhibition, Picasso Sculpture going through February 7, 2016. The exhibition features sculptures from Pablo Picasso and is the first one in years.

Visitors will experience seeing the transition of Picasso’s sculptures and witness the art stages he went through.

Friday nights are free to the public during 4-8 p.m. and it is a great chance to see the rest of MoMa.

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China: Through The Looking Glass Exhibition

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It is great to be back in New York and I am so happy I was able to visit the city this weekend. My friend, Bruna and I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art because she has never been there before. It was a lovely time and we saw the exhibition, China: Through The Looking Glass.

The curation of the exhibition was whimsical and enlightening. I could not believe my eyes and the Anna Wintour Costume Center was anything I could have imagined. I was not able to attend the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibition last year and going to this year’s makes up for the loss.

The exhibition was a combination of East meets West. There was a room that accentuates the theme in a garden with floating mannequins on water. The metaphor of how the theme of Through the Looking Glass can relate to Buddhism in China. The setting had a calm and captivating atmosphere and it reflected mood of the other visitors.

There were a large amount of clothing and artifacts. I took so many pictures and looked carefully at each dress. The amount of detail of past and present designs from different eras is phenomenal. I was in awe and there was this Alexander McQueen evening gown made out of porcelain and organza. The mosaic application was carefully thought out in the bodice of the dress. Also, the neck piece added a regal detail to the gown.

Another dress I could keep my eyes off was the Evening Dress by Guo Pei. The gown is made from gold lamé and gold/silver silk. The Pei creation makes a regal statement and shines throughout the room. Every part of the dress is detailed and you cannot keep your eyes off of it.

Here are some photos of my favourites:


-km xoxo

#HBD Andy Warhol


Happy 83rd birthday Andy Warhol!

Here a small homage to the iconic pop artist, who revolutionized the 1960s and created a new view on advertising.

The first photo is a Warhol coffee table book I read from time to time called, “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years.”  The other three photos are from the Museum of Modern Art featuring the famous works, “Orange Car Crash Fourteen Times” and “Campbell Soup Cans.”

Cheers Warhol!

– km xoxo

Mark Bradford: Scortched Earth


In my previous post, I stated how I will be discussing my experience at the Hammer Museum with my New York friends. This was my second time going to the museum and I could not wait going back. The Hammer always reminds me of the New Museum in Bowery, New York. The settings of the museums are clean, precise and minimalist. They give the art honor and take viewers on a journey about any exhibition.

During my time at the Hammer, the main exhibition was Scorched Earth by artist, Mark Bradford and it is displayed until Sunday, September 27. The lobby of the Hammer had Bradford’s painting features a map of AIDS epidemic starting in the 1980s. I looked closely at the painting and there is texture added to the painting. I thought it was clever to incorporate texture because there is more dept in the piece.

Samples 1, 2 and 3 caught my attention with the texture as well. There is so much story the pieces give together and the flow of the black dots can be seen through all three paintings. There were several pieces of material that made the trio and the fly’s eye perspective gives the viewer of a fly’s point of view — which is an distraught effect.

The Untitled pieces were so calming to see and the two paintings were made of mixed media. The theme of Bradford showed of how tormented human society is.

I think everyone can relate to his pieces because Bradford creates art work that people need to be aware of like AIDS and other social misinterpretations. I think society can learn from him and through his art.

Here are some photos of the pieces:

– km xoxo

Met Gala 2015: Top Three Favourite Looks

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The greatest night in the fashion industry was on May 4, 2015 and all of the important names in fashion came to the Met Gala. Social media was on full blast with non-stop updates of the latest fashion from the Gala.

Last night, I could not stop refreshing for more updates of what everyone was wearing at the Met Gala. The top three looks I adored were from Cher, Shu Pei Qui and Bee Shaffer.

Singer, Cher was in Marc Jacobs and I cannot believe she a year over 60! She does not look a day old at all and I really want to know what her beauty secrets are. The dress that Cher was wearing a fitted multicolored shimmering dress and it fit her like a glove.

Chinese model, Shu Pei Qin and she wore Tommy Hilfiger. The plunging red gown had silver detail on the sleeves and she looked divine. Also, the front part of her dress that is plunging and I believe the fabric is velvet as well.

Anna Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer was dressed in Alexander McQueen. The gown embodies the Chinese theme and had cherry blossoms all over the deep red gown. The long train accented the dress that showed tremendous detail.

The three fashionistas dominated the red carpet at the Met Gala this year and I cannot wait to see the exhibition at the Met Museum.

The Met Museum opens the exhibition, “China: Through the Looking Glass” this Thursday, May 7, 2015, to the public.

– km xoxo