#NewMusicTuesday: One Republic

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Yes…I know I have not written a new music Tuesday post in a while. However, I have a treat for you today and it is One Republic’s “Born.” This song is one of my favorites on their new album, “Oh My My.” It is beautifully written and it is simply a love song to the city. The city is filled with possibilities finding love, family and new life. I can personally relate to this song because when I moved to NYC for school I felt the same way. Since this is my last year of college, this song sums up my experience and future in this city. However, I understand I was not born here, I believe me finding my own roots is humbling.

For all the new New Yorkers, listen to the song here:



-km xoxo


Calder and Picasso


Are you already planning your weekend even though it is Monday today? Not to worry, I have a suggestion for you! The Almine Rech Gallery in the Upper East Side is having an exhibition on Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso. The exhibition lasts until Saturday, Dec. 17th.

It is a great exhibition to see because Calder and Picasso’s grandsons curated it. Also, it will be interesting to see which of their grandfather’s works they picked; and to see the story they are portraying together.

I hope to go to the gallery soon and I hope you all go to!

-km xoxo



I know I might sound like a broken record…but I love street art. Haha, you all can totally tell right?? I saw this on on Mott Street and street artist Apexer created this awesome mural. I like the contrast in layer with the different types of blues. There is a great overlap and dimension into the background. Also, the kisses are a perfect touch to the mural too.


Apexer…if you are reading this, can you make this into an iPhone case? Thank you!

-km xoxo

#TBT: Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest


If you need to have a quick escape and have no time to spend with nature I would say go to the New Museum. Pipilotti Rist’s Pixel Forest is out on display at the museum.

I went with one of my best friends, Allie (blogger of the The Rebel Planner) and literally we had a blast. Personally, I thought some of the exhibition was a little provocative by showing the female anatomy and I was not sure if there male parts as well. However, I did understand where Rist’s outtake was, how the female body has continued to be objectified and she uses it as a contrast to dreams.

The major theme to Rist’s exhibition was dreams and I thought she was very clever how she interpreted through her art. For example, in this photo bellow, it is like a dream scene you see in the movies where all the sheets are drying outside. I was so in awe how even the music coordinated so well with everything as well. The only scent that was not used was smell because I literally felt like I was in her art.


I think my most favorite was floor two, it had nerve-like light in one half in the room and another seating area with more video nature projections. All of the lights would go with the video’s music instead. Allie described it perfectly, it is like experiencing the film, the Avatar. The great thing about this piece was you were able to touch it and it was made out of some type of fiber glass. Warning, if you do end up going to the exhibition, please be careful of  walking because some people like myself kept bumping into the lights. So please do not break them.


The fourth floor was great because unlike the other first two floors there were a bunch of bed and couches laid. Visitors were able to lay on them without shoes and watch more of Rist’s nature films.


Each floor was so relaxing and she being able to catch a dream in one exhibition is amazing. The only thing that kind of freaked me out was the personal video pods. I went to one that was very haunting and it gave me a headache. I think the these videos were a contrast from pleasant dreams to nightmares.


Each experience Rist gives viewers something new and I enjoyed how interactive and relaxed the exhibition was. It was a great way to see the world in a different light; and it is a wonderful exhibition to attend.

The Pixel Forest will last until Sunday, Jan. 15th and go on a Thursday because it is Donation Nights from 6 – 9 P.M.

-km xoxo




Today is an important day, ELECTION DAY! Our future as Americans start today and it is our duty to vote our opinion. Please make sure you vote today and support our future President Hilary Clinton!

If you are in the New York or Los Angeles area  click here where to cast your vote: https://www.elections.ny.gov or https://www.lavote.net/locator.

Let’s get ready to make history everyone! #IFEELLIKEHILLZ #NASTYWOMAN

-km xoxo

Death of selfies

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Everyone is guilty of taking selfies and even I admit to taking a few too — maybe more than a few. One day I was walking down the street and saw two posters I thought was very clever. The poster from the top is defying the selfie and the bottom one is an illustration of legendary designer, Coco Chanel.

I thought these two pieces of street art were ironic because they relate to the world people live in today. For instance, many celebrities to top fashion models take selfies to be relevant in the media. Frankly,  the fashion industry has taken advantage of using selfies too. This way they can promote new trends and advertise for new designers.

The top poster is  also just a great reminder to stop using technology or phones once in a while. I have noticed by just walking around New York City and everyone is constantly on their phones. Sadly, the selfies do live on, now, it is up to us to figure out when it is a great time to have a social media detox once in a while.

-km xoxo

#NewMusicTuesday: #YoungtheGiant #HomeoftheStrange

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My best friends and I recently went to see Young the Giant at Radio City Music Hall. The band is spectacular live and it was one of the most fun concerts I have been to. Literally, they were perfect live and had two encores toward the end of the show. If you have the chance to see them on tour now. GO. YTG IS WORTH IT.


The song I chose is “Mr. Know-It-All” because it reflects what is happening in today’s culture. Many people constantly feel alone, even with the help of technology and people do not really know who the real person is sometimes. It is sad to see we’re all “Mr. Know-It-Alls” because people constantly feel judged too and we are in the age of the overthinking.

Enjoy this song and happy Tuesday everyone!

-km xoxo



I had the opportunity to visit The Met Breuer  Friday, September 2nd after my internship because I really wanted to see its exhibition, Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible and I needed to go to The Met Fifth Ave. Museum for my Modern New York Art Class. Not to fret, I will type up a post relating to that visit soon too.

However, the Unfinished exhibition was unique to see because it was a clever and innovative way to see a variety of artists’ process creating a piece. The third floor had classical modern artists and then by the fourth floor it would gradually transition into the abstract artists.

Personally, I think the part II of the exhibition was my favorite because of the heavy amount of abstract artists like Alberto Giacometti, Jackson Pollock to Jasper Johns. Also, I enjoy looking at abstract art because it challenges and makes me think more what the piece is really about.

For instance,  Alberto Giacometti’s Annette (1961) was very haunting and dark. It reminded me of an ad from FX’s American Horror Story. Frankly, when I read the Met’s description, it the woman is Giacometti’s wife. It seems as if he was outlining his wife as a painting sketch. The painting looks more raw rather than too over worked.


An over worked example would be Jackson Pollock’s Number 28 (1950) because there are smudges to fix some of the drippings he was adding. His struggle and irritation with this piece is fascinating. Maybe the medium he was using was not up to his standards.


Yet, one painting I obsessed over was Jasper Johns’ Voice (1964/1967). It was simplistic and looked like a concrete pavement. The ironic thing about this piece is it is not complete. I could not stop thinking about why is there a spoon a fork hanging at the side. But, then I kept looking and noticed the word, “voice” is written on the bottom of the window wiper like branch. Then it hit me, it is about loosing a voice since society wants the people to be perfect and the people’s voice does not matter. Maybe, we are loosing our appetite to keep our voice too.


My first time visiting The Met Breuer was not a disappointment and I was glad to understand the iconic artists more.

-km xoxo



Manus x Machina

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I tend to see fashion more as an art form and this is why I am writing about The Metropolitian Museum of Art‘s latest exhibition Manus x Machina on the kcmhappy website — rather than the kcmhappyfashion website.

Before I went back to Los Angeles for summer break, my best friend Kelvin and I went on our end-of-the-year city trips. We normally visit a museum exhibition and have dinner after. Last year, we attended The Whitney Museum‘s grand opening and here is the link to read more about that journey.

May 6, we went to see The Met’s Manus x Machina exhibition and it was glorious. I did not realize how simplistic the exhibition was going to be. Each section of Manus x Machina took the viewer on the journey how couture evolved and the different technique applications were made or perceived.For instance, there were application sections of feather, pattern, floral, leather, drape and lace works.

I enjoyed learning about the new applications as well — especially from Iris van  Herpen. She has made and worked with architects to create gowns from a 3-D printer. It is similar to how an artist uses mix media in their art like Jackson Pollock to Robert Rauschenberg. Herpen is one of the new modernists in the fashion world. She is my new favorite designer.


However, two Ensembles I could not keep my eyes off were from Victor & Rolf and Comme des Garcons. The pattern making and draping from both had a simplicity and craftsmanship. These two were breathtaking to see. Also, there were quotes written near each piece and explaining why how their designs were made.

“I express a concept to patternmakers in words or through nuance. Design starts with how my staff interprets the concept,” designer and founder of Comme des Garcons Rei Kawakubo said. “The patterners are  in fact designing. We don’t apply the usual patterning routine to our conceptual making process. It is just cumbersome.”

Here is a photo of the garments:


I admired how curator, Andrew Bolton wanted the exhibition to focus on the garments and to slow down the fashion world. He did it justice and when Kelvin and I went — people were observing each garment tremendously. The couture pieces spoke themselves. It just saddened us how there were this group of women constantly taking photos of themselves with the exhibition pieces only for social media.

Manus x Machina will be on view to the public until August 14, 2016 and it is a must-see!

-km xoxo