Calder and Picasso


Are you already planning your weekend even though it is Monday today? Not to worry, I have a suggestion for you! The Almine Rech Gallery in the Upper East Side is having an exhibition on Alexander Calder and Pablo Picasso. The exhibition lasts until Saturday, Dec. 17th.

It is a great exhibition to see because Calder and Picasso’s grandsons curated it. Also, it will be interesting to see which of their grandfather’s works they picked; and to see the story they are portraying together.

I hope to go to the gallery soon and I hope you all go to!

-km xoxo




I know I might sound like a broken record…but I love street art. Haha, you all can totally tell right?? I saw this on on Mott Street and street artist Apexer created this awesome mural. I like the contrast in layer with the different types of blues. There is a great overlap and dimension into the background. Also, the kisses are a perfect touch to the mural too.


Apexer…if you are reading this, can you make this into an iPhone case? Thank you!

-km xoxo

#TBT Getting lost in the city is a good thing


Check out my school’s newspaper, The Ionian and my past article, Why getting lost in the city is a good thing. Maybe this will change your perspective of going to the city and explore more.

-km xoxo

Happy Fri-yay!


IT IS OFFICIALLY FRIDAY!!! If you are in the city today, please keep your eyes out for these positive “Be Mighty” flyers in the Lower East Side. A couple of months ago one of my best friends and I saw these and loved them! Hopefully they are still out and bring a smile to your FRI-YAY!



-km xoxo

Words hurt


I was walking in the city with one of my best friends, Allie and do not forget to check out her blog, The Rebel Planner. We saw this street art on our way to dinner and I had a complete ah-ha moment.


It made me realize, people can be vicious and this street art depicts how other people feel when they get attacked. Yes, it is true we think we are all indestructible like the  right figure, but those harmful words can easily damage our mentality.

I love smart street art and it is a breath of fresh air to see what is really going on in society when no one speaks about it.

-km xoxo


#NewMusicTuesday: #Thirdstory

Art, Videos


The concert series my roommate, Amani and I have been to three concerts for the past three weeks has finally ended. The last show we saw was Thursday, September 29 at the Highline Ballroom.

Literally, I thought Amani was joking I was not prepared seeing Thirdstory. Ha…she was right. The whole time I was speechless and I could not believe how unreal they are. Their vocals were perfect and they even sounded better live.

They had done many of their covers and a few original songs. It was a blessing to see their last show of their tour. PEOPLE, GO SEE THEM LIVE AND LISTEN TO THEM NOW. ASAP.

Hopefully, Thirdstory’s new album will come out soon…time will tell.

Here is a favorite song of mine from their “Searching EP” and it is called, “G Train.” It is witty, expressing their hardships not getting the girl they want to bed and end up taking the slowest train back home — which is the G train.



-km xoxo

Death of selfies

Art, Fashion

Everyone is guilty of taking selfies and even I admit to taking a few too — maybe more than a few. One day I was walking down the street and saw two posters I thought was very clever. The poster from the top is defying the selfie and the bottom one is an illustration of legendary designer, Coco Chanel.

I thought these two pieces of street art were ironic because they relate to the world people live in today. For instance, many celebrities to top fashion models take selfies to be relevant in the media. Frankly,  the fashion industry has taken advantage of using selfies too. This way they can promote new trends and advertise for new designers.

The top poster is  also just a great reminder to stop using technology or phones once in a while. I have noticed by just walking around New York City and everyone is constantly on their phones. Sadly, the selfies do live on, now, it is up to us to figure out when it is a great time to have a social media detox once in a while.

-km xoxo